12 Romantic Winter Wedding Cakes Ideas with Snowflakes

There are several things we love about weddings. But, if there is one thing most of us love is the gorgeous wedding cake. The wedding cake is one of the first things we all want a picture of at the reception. We want to know what it looks like, what makes it different, what story it tells, and, most importantly, if there is going to be enough for us to go back for seconds (and thirds).

There are tons of ideas for spring and fall weddings — and of course, summer weddings. In the other hand, there aren’t a ton of options for those winter wonderland weddings that take place throughout January and February. But winter weddings happen, and you can’t let the cold weather fog your creativity — or your appetite for dessert. Scroll through 59 Romantic Winter Wedding Cakes Ideas with Snowflakes below, and find one that you love.