Month: September 2015

6 Creative Ways to Seat Your Wedding Guests

13 seating-chart4

A dozen round tables with assigned numbers isn’t the only way to seat wedding guests. There are so many overlooked seating options that can surprise your loved ones and create a memorable atmosphere for your reception, large or small. At AllSeated — a free collaborative event planning platform that helps couples and vendors create a successful […]

Give Thanks: Affordable Gifts for Your Girlfriends

12 gardens-of-the-sun-sapphire-pebble-necklace

According to a recent Bridal Guide survey, giving your attendants a gift of jewelry tops the list (who doesn’t love a little bling to add to the jewelry box?). But finding just the right gift can be challenging. You want it to be unique, to have meaning and to fit within your budget. Here are […]

Chilli And Chilli Oil In Chinese Cuisine

You will have a good deal of choices when it comes to the wedding ceremony favors. In fact, you will first of all believe about a theme when you are organizing for your wedding ceremony from For the little gifts you are going to existing your visitors, you will also require to feel about […]

Bridal Beauty: A Two-Week Countdown

7 wedding-bouquet One Day Before: Manicure All eyes will be on you, and especially on your hands as you carry the bouquet, cut the cake and show off your sparkling ring all day. Ensure that your nails are clean and beautifully polished. Make it a fun event and go to the salon with your bridesmaids the […]

Offer A Second Daily Life To Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Prom is just close to the corner, and that implies it’s time to start looking for dresses from If you’re like most ladies (and their parents), you want a dress that is magnificent and memorable, but doesn’t break the bank. So how do you find a beautiful price reduction prom dress that doesn’t scream […]