Month: July 2020

Wedding dress – shapes, cuts and choice of accessories

“You look so beautiful!” – This is exactly the sentence every bride would like to hear when her future husband sees her in her wedding dress for the first time. A magical moment for which you are looking for the perfect dress. But what does the perfect wedding dress look like? Different for everyone! That is why […]

Your wedding music will be unforgettable!

Music accompanies your wedding from the beginning to the end: it creates atmosphere and lets emotions sparkle, it brings mood and good mood – that’s why you should choose your wedding music carefully and carefully. In this article you will find music that should not be missing on the wedding day and everything you need […]

Celebrate silver wedding – celebrate 25 years of marriage

he “Silver Wedding” is a great occasion to celebrate. After the “White Wedding”, the day of the wedding 25 years ago and the “Golden Wedding”, which can be celebrated in another 25 years, it is a special moment in a married life. The Silver Wedding describes a summit point in a partnership from which a great […]

Top 15 songs for wedding music in church (moving in, changing rings, moving out)

Hymns are the most important pieces of music at the wedding if you marry in church. Whether moving in, changing a ring or moving out – the traditional hymns create a festive atmosphere at your wedding and underline the importance of the wedding ceremony. But the question of which wedding music to play in the church […]