Month: August 2020

The morning gift – our top 30 ideas for gifts to the bride or groom

The traditional custom of the morning gift is a special gift originally given by the groom to his bride on the morning after the wedding for financial security. Today the morning gift comes in different forms and with more romantic intentions – it is certain that where something is given away, there are happy faces. The […]

Church decoration for the wedding

A beautiful church decoration conjures up a festive flair at your wedding. Therefore we would like to give you a few tips and ideas for your church decoration. You can also browse through our wedding shop ! Before you decide on a certain church decoration, ask your pastor / priest whether there are any restrictions in the church […]

The most important questions before the wedding

Before you start planning your wedding, you should clarify the following basic questions and important points. When do we want to get married? An important question before the wedding is choosing the right date. It’s not always easy. The “right” date depends entirely on your own wishes: Do you value nice weather because you would like to […]

Wedding cakes: everything you need to know about them

The wedding cake – modern or vintage – is one of the highlights of your wedding. That’s why there is so much you need to know about the selection, decoration and presentation of the cake for all cakes. We have summarized everything from A to Z to give you a complete overview and already wish you a […]