Month: December 2020

Tips, ideas & inspiration for the after wedding shoot

At the After Wedding Shooting you can take beautiful photos of the couple in wedding dress and wedding suit any day after the wedding. You can be styled again, can take great pictures in a relaxed atmosphere at your desired location – if that doesn’t sound seductive! formal dresses online We have the most important information, […]

Wedding cards at a glance: wedding stationery from save-the-date to thank you cards

At first glance, the wedding stationery seems to be pretty clear: save-the-date, invitation card, thank you card and, if desired, a menu card. On closer inspection, there are numerous other stationery items that can be used in the context of the wedding. In addition, uniform wedding stationery is becoming increasingly popular. That can be quite a challenge […]

Flowers for wedding

1. General tips on choosing flowers for the wedding The flowers used at a wedding have a very big influence on the mood of the wedding celebration and the overall appearance of the decoration.  It is therefore best if you have the entire flower arrangement – including the bridal bouquet – done by a florist. Ideally […]

Honeymoon – this will make you the most beautiful vacation of your life

The honeymoon is one of the oldest and most beautiful wedding customs that you should put into practice in some way! Regardless of whether you are going on a long-distance trip or are looking for a nearby destination, even if it is only a weekend trip at first – treat yourself to some time for two after the […]

5 questions and answers about selling wedding dress

Freshly baked wives are faced with the question of what to do with their beloved wedding dress. It’s too bad for a sad existence in the closet. Then why not sell the wedding dress better? But how do you sell a wedding dress and where? We answer the 5 most common questions about selling wedding dresses. 1. Why […]