5 questions and answers about selling wedding dress

Freshly baked wives are faced with the question of what to do with their beloved wedding dress. It’s too bad for a sad existence in the closet. Then why not sell the wedding dress better?

But how do you sell a wedding dress and where? We answer the 5 most common questions about selling wedding dresses.

1. Why sell the wedding dress?

What are the arguments in favor of selling a used wedding dress?

Depending on the condition of the wedding dress, the proceeds can represent a considerable proportion.
This can then be saved or invested in something new, such as the honeymoon.Firstly, part of the large investment can be financed back by selling wedding dresses. formal dresses for women

Second, if you sell your wedding dress, you can help another bride .

Not every bride has a budget that allows her to buy her dream dress. By buying a used wedding dress, she can make her dream come true with less spending.

Some brides are also looking for a very specific wedding dress that is currently not available in bridal fashion stores. When it comes to used wedding dresses, you can fall back on a much larger variety and find what you are looking for.

Accordingly, the new wife and the future bride benefit from the sale of the wedding dress.

2. What is the price for used wedding dresses?

The decision at which price you should sell your wedding dress is often a little more difficult because you have an emotional connection to your dress and it is of high value to you. But please be realistic: Another bride does not yet have this relation to the dress and therefore assesses the value more objectively.

For a realistic price determination you can orientate yourself on the following factors: 

The buying price

The purchase price serves as the basis for the selling price when selling a used wedding dress. A realistic resale price of a worn wedding dress is 50% to a maximum of 60% of the purchase price – depending on the condition. Possibly. you have to reduce the price a little later if there is no buyer.


The price also influences which collection the wedding dress comes from. The older or less modern the wedding dress, the less money you can ask for it.

The state

If you want to sell used wedding dresses, it is advisable to have the worn dress professionally cleaned first. In some cases it has suffered minor damage from the wedding. Typical here are, for example, holes or cracks in the hem from stepping on. You can have these repaired by a tailor.

Another option is not to repair them, but to clearly indicate this when selling wedding dresses. It is understandable that you don’t want to put more money into the wedding dress before selling it. But then it is important that you point this out to the potential buyer in a fair way. Nobody wants to experience a nasty surprise after buying their supposed dream dress.

Does the cleaned wedding dress look like new? If you have a flawless wedding dress, you are welcome to choose a slightly higher purchase price when selling the wedding dress. Stains or cracks, on the other hand, should be taken into account in the sales price – after all, the future buyer has to invest additional money in the wedding dress to fix them.

Changes to the wedding dress

In most cases, the wedding dress was customized for the bride. It can differ from the original size. The length of the wedding dress is also adapted to the size of the bride and the heel height of the wedding shoes. This information is important for those interested. For the price, it is more advantageous if the dress has not or hardly been changed.

Time as a special factor

Time plays a special role in the price. Do you want to sell your wedding dress quickly? Then you can do that at a lower price. So the wedding dress is also suitable for brides with a lower budget.

However, is it important to you to sell your second hand wedding dress at the highest possible price? Then you should bring a little more time with you.

Special case: Selling an unworn wedding dress

Some would like to sell their wedding dress unworn. Maybe you’ve  already bought a wedding dress and later fell in love with another wedding dress . It is understandable that you want to sell your first wedding dress again in order to get at least part of the purchase price back.

Another, less beautiful reason may be that the wedding did not take place or was postponed to a different point in time when the wedding dress no longer fit. In any case, your chances of selling are a little better than with a worn wedding dress.

If a wedding dress is unworn, a slightly higher price can often be set for the sale than if the wedding dress has already been worn. This is especially the case if it still has the original label and has not yet been adjusted. Here are some things to keep in mind when selling a new wedding dress.

Unworn wedding dress – size and adjustments

Has the wedding dress already been adjusted or is it still the original size? This information is particularly important when selling wedding dresses online. In the event of a change, write down the extent to which the wedding dress has been adjusted. This also includes a possible reduction. It is important to specify the bride size and the heel height of the planned wedding shoes when selling the wedding dress.

Sell ​​new wedding dress – price

As with a used wedding dress, the original purchase price is the basis for the new sales price.

A percentage is chosen by him depending on the condition of the wedding dress. If the wedding dress is unworn and still has the original label attached, the price can be slightly higher than if it had already been worn. Starts at around 70-80% of the new price.

3. What about selling the wedding dress? Online vs. offline

After the wedding, many ask themselves: Where can I sell my wedding dress? There are basically two options here: online or offline sales.

Selling wedding dress offline – advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantage of offline sales is clearly the local restriction. This means that the range is much smaller than when selling online. This can be a major disadvantage, especially with a wedding dress with a special style. There are only a few potential buyers in the area.

If you still want to sell the wedding dress offline, there are a few options. In the classic way, you can place a small sales advertisement in a large daily newspaper or ask around among friends and acquaintances.

The advantage and disadvantage is the personal contact with those interested. Those who love contact and would like to get to know the potential buyer will benefit from this variant. Others, however, find it too time-consuming to make an appointment and are reluctant to make their apartment available for fittings. Another option would be better for them.

If you want to sell your wedding dress offline, you don’t necessarily have to handle the sale to the next bride yourself. Instead, you can also turn to second hand stores or bridal fashion stores. Some shops buy wedding dresses direct, others offer  to sell the wedding dress on commission.

Selling wedding dress on commission

The disadvantage, however, is that the bridal fashion stores impose certain conditions on the wedding dress which is to be sold on commission.
So it must – depending on the bridal shop – still have a certain length so that it is not too short for prospective customers or originally cost a certain minimum amount. Some bridal shops only pick it up if it’s in pristine condition. If there are small defects, these must first be corrected.In the case of wedding dress sales on commission, the bridal shop takes on the marketing and processing for you. You are exhibiting the wedding dress and looking for a new buyer. So you don’t have to make your apartment available for fitting to sell your wedding dress and you don’t have to do anything with making appointments.

In addition, a certain part of the sales proceeds go to the bridal shop. You don’t have to worry about finding a new buyer for this. Most of the time, the period in which the wedding dress can be sold on commission is limited. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the wedding dress will be sold in this one.

You have to consider: This type of offline sales can be very costly.

Not every second hand shop has a bridal department. Also, not every bridal wear shop buys used wedding dresses or offers the sale on commission. So you definitely have to bring time to search.


Selling wedding dress online – advantages and disadvantages

The clear advantage of selling wedding dresses online is the range. In contrast to offline sales, you are not bound locally here. So the area reached is much larger and thus the probability of finding interested parties.

It is also beneficial to advertise on social media. The wedding dress for sale can be shared quickly and easily via a link, thus further increasing the range.

Filter functions of the online platforms are also very practical. In this way, you can search specifically for the wedding dresses and find the right one much more easily. If you leave all the important information when selling the wedding dress, you increase the visibility of your wedding dress when you search for it.

In addition, your wedding dress does not have to meet certain requirements such as a minimum length or a minimum amount as the original purchase price in order to be able to post it online.

In general, it is also associated with less effort. Simply choose a platform, adjust the wedding dress and wait. To increase the sales opportunities, you can also share the link via social media and / or send it to friends and acquaintances to share.

Thus: it is possible to put the wedding dress online for sale in a short time. If you invest a little more time, you can increase your sales opportunities.

The disadvantage of selling wedding dresses online are possible spam inquiries. Not everyone gets some, but you should be careful.

Now offer the wedding dress online

Spam experiences in selling wedding dresses

A few brides have experienced spam and dubious inquiries when selling wedding dresses. For this purpose, the online platform Wunsch-Brautkleid has put together helpful tips to prevent fraud.

We summarize a few clues for you, by which you can recognize dubious inquiries:

  • Bad German e-mails
  • Bad English emails
  • Request the bank account details pretty quickly
  • Offer an inflated price
  • Ask you to send the wedding dress asap. They would still transfer the money

With such requests you should be careful and ignore the requests.

Desired wedding dress: An online platform for wedding dresses

Have you decided to sell your wedding dress online and benefit from the wide range? Then you might be interested in the online platform Wunsch-Brautkleid . It is one of the largest platforms for used wedding dresses in Germany.


4. How to sell the wedding dress online? Our sales tips

We have put together a few tips for the successful sale of your wedding dress.

The right sales photos of the wedding dress

For the online sale of the wedding dress you definitely need beautiful pictures of the wedding dress.

They are essential for potential prospects. They enable them to decide within seconds whether they are interested in the wedding dress or not. Furthermore, the images convey information much better than text could – for example, the decorations or a special cut.

Since the pictures have such a big impact, we give you 3 tips on how to choose the best sales photos.

Pay attention to a generally high quality of the photos. The light should also be right so that interested parties can see the wedding dress easily and the color of the fabric is reproduced as correctly as possible.

Advantageous image detail

In addition, pictures in which the bride is wearing the wedding dress are much more appealing than when the wedding dress is photographed on the hanger. In addition, it is nice when the happy bride’s face is shown. If you do not want to show your face, it is better if you choose the image section so that the head is not on it than with a surface pasted or pixelated.

It is also important for potential customers that the wedding dress is shown in full. It should therefore not be cut from the edge of the picture. In addition, hands and bridal bouquet should not cover it unnecessarily.

Important: consideration of image rights

Before you sell the pictures of the wedding dress, you should check whether you have the rights to it. For example, would you like to use your wedding photos? Then you should first clarify with your wedding photographer whether you can use them for this.

You are of course not allowed to post original brand images from the Internet or a catalog! But your own pictures are much more personal and inspire trust.

In addition to the pictures, further information is required.

One of the most important pieces of information is size. Adjustments are also important for the future brides. So write whether you have had your wedding dress changed.

Your height and the heel height of your bridal shoes are also not unimportant. Please also include this so that the interested parties know whether the wedding dress might be too short for them.

Even if you have nice pictures with you, it is good if you write the color of the wedding dress. Each screen shows color nuances slightly differently. It is not always clear whether a wedding dress is pure white or ivory.

Last but not least, you can also tell us about the comfort.

Feel free to tell the potential buyer how you felt in the wedding dress. So they can get a better feeling for it and are more likely to buy the wedding dress.

More reach for the wedding dress

Sharing the link is essential for greater reach. Social media platforms are very suitable here. It is best to add beautiful, meaningful pictures to the link, as well as the first important information. This includes, for example, the size. The more appealing the post about selling wedding dresses, the greater the likelihood that potential buyers will click on it.

Another possibility is to forward the link to your friends and acquaintances. Perhaps they know someone who is currently looking for a wedding dress or are currently planning the wedding themselves.

You can achieve even more reach through forums or Facebook groups. But pay attention to whether sharing the link is allowed. long sleeve formal dresses

5. Where can I sell my wedding dress quickly?

If it is important to sell the wedding dress online as quickly as possible, the …

  • … needs a good platform.
  • … shouldn’t set the price of the wedding dress too high.
  • … should present the wedding dress well and attractively – that is, good pictures and detailed information.
  • … shares the link in social media, wedding groups and wedding forums and thus increases the likelihood of sales.

Our tip: Use  Wunsch-Brautkleid as one of the largest platforms for used wedding dresses in Germany.