7 TMI Wedding Questions Every Bride Is Afraid To Ask (But Really Wants To)

Every bride has her list of worries about her wedding day–some are more personal than others. Since you’re probably not comfortable talking to your wedding planner about them, we’ve got the answers to some of the most embarrassing questions brides want answered.

How will I use the bathroom in my gown? This is when your bridesmaids really come in handy–and you need to seriously throw any modesty out the window. A bridesmaid will stand on either side of you to lift your dress up, while you focus on handling your undergarments. Some pros suggest sitting on the toilet backward so that the train of the dress is not in danger of winding up in the toilet (you’ll still need your maids to lift the dress up). Others recommend taking the dress off entirely, but that seems like a lot of work to us.


What if I have my period on the big day? This is an inconvenience most brides don’t want to deal with on their wedding day (and night). If you are on the pill, your doctor can work with you to tweak them so you do not get your period the month of the wedding (this is usually done by skipping your placebo/sugar pills in the month or months before the wedding and starting a new pack of pills right away). If you’re not on the pill, still talk to your doctor–there might be something he can do. If you do have your period, you might want to add in some extra protection (a tampon and a pad) if so you don’t have to worry about an accident and be sure to change them often.

I don’t glisten–I sweat! How do I avoid pit stains on my wedding dress? Many women swear by Botox injections in the pit to prevent excessive sweating. If that’s too extreme for you, look into getting Certain Dri. Women swear by it to keep them sweat and pit-stain free.

My wedding will be outdoors in the summer. How do I make sure any BO is kept at bay?If you’re spending any time in the hot sun, you’ve got to worry a bit about body odor (even the most ladylike brides can get it!). Keep a travel-sized deodorant in your purse–or ask a bridesmaid to carry it in hers–so that you can apply frequently throughout the day.

Is it horrible if I’m too tired to have sex on my wedding night? Not at all. In fact, a recent survey found that at least 25 percent of couples don’t even have sex on their wedding night, because they were too drunk or tired. Other brides and grooms want to spend time with their guests at an after-party instead of getting busy. The bottom line is you have your whole lives to have sex, so don’t put pressure on yourselves. Doing it the next morning or even once you get to your honeymoon destination is just fine and doesn’t spell trouble for your marriage.

I want to wear a sleeveless dress, but my arms are super hairy and waxing often irritates my skin. What can I do? Whatever you do, do not shave that hair off. Instead, head down to your local spa or salon before you buy a dress and ask them if they have a wax for especially sensitive skin (most do). Then have then test a small section of your arm. If you don’t have a reaction, you’re in the clear. If not, you can consider bleaching the hair (although that can also irritate)–or you’ll just have to keep them covered with sleeves or a shrug.

When I get nervous, my mouth gets dry and my breath stinks. How do I make sure it stays fresh the whole day? First, take a trip to the dentist for a cleaning. Excess plaque can definitely lead to bad breath. On the big day, drink plenty of water since lack of fluids can impact your breath. And of course, you can always pop a few breath mints keep it all minty fresh throughout the day. Skip the gum, though. No one wants to see a pretty girl in a gown chomping away on a wad of Bubblelicious.

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