A children’s table at the wedding – tips & ideas

Do you want your little wedding guests to have a good time too? Then prepare some nice things for the children at your wedding too!

Whether it’s a children’s table, something to play with or small gifts – we have put together the best ideas for small wedding guests and tell you when a children’s table is worthwhile.

1. Children’s table – is it worth it?

A children’s table for the wedding, at which the children eat together, is worthwhile if there are several children over five years of age.

All smaller children tend to prefer to eat with their parents. For these you should have high chairs or a booster seat ready. If there are only two or three children over five, no extra table is worth it. Then it is best to let them eat with their parents.

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It is best to ask the parents beforehand whether their children would like to eat at a special children’s table at your wedding party.

Some children would prefer to sit with their parents, even at primary school age – especially at the beginning of the party, when they are not yet familiar with it.

A children’s table to play with is worthwhile at the wedding from two children over three years of age.

After all, they don’t want to sit quietly at their parents’ table all the time, but prefer to play with other children. With a children’s table you give the whole thing a good setting so that children’s toys are not scattered around.

Tip for babies at the wedding

Babies don’t need a children’s table, but they still need a place. When arranging the seating, consider that parents with babies behind them need enough space for the stroller or to put a blanket on. A place should be reserved for this that is protected and not in the running area.

It is also best not to have any loudspeakers nearby. In this way, you ensure that the parents of babies can celebrate your wedding as long as possible.

Youth table for nephews, cousins ​​and Co.

If you have a few young guests, it is best to provide an extra table for them as well. It is decorated like an “adult table”, but gives the young guests the opportunity to exchange ideas instead of being bored with their parents and aunts.

2. This is what the children’s table can look like

To make the children’s table look like one, don’t just use one of the normal tables and chairs. It is best to have a small table with small chairs so that the children can sit comfortably on it.

If your location doesn’t offer this, ask friends and parents – you can certainly borrow something suitable for the wedding.

Children’s table decoration for the wedding party

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With a beautiful, childlike decoration for the children’s table, it is easy to inspire your little guests.

For example, fold the napkins like a butterfly. It’s very easy and looks great.

You can also put a little sweet on the plate as a greeting for the children at your wedding.

From the age of three children can actually nibble on anything. However, if you have parents in your circle of friends who are very strict with sweets, it is better to ask them beforehand whether a little something is allowed.

You can also adapt the place cards to your little guests at your wedding.

For example with a man holding the place card. Playmobil has cute brides and bridal couples, which you can find on Amazon (from € 4). The children can then play with it and take it home as a gift.

Years later, this figure will remember your wedding.

You have a place card and candy in one with these sweet lollipops (€ 2.70). They are each filled with 5 colorful lollipops and are available in the Yes weddingshop.

Tip for dishes and cutlery:

At the children’s table, it is best to use special children’s plastic cutlery and appropriate cups that can fall over.

If the children eat with their parents, normal dishes are also fine. In this environment, children even prefer the same thing as the grown-ups and not an “extra sausage”.

However, a smaller jar is beneficial, especially with smaller children.

Sweet idea:  A nice children’s plate can be both a gift for the children and a great memory of your big day. You can find a large selection on Amazon . Or you can combine a guest gift and a place card, as you can see here. More on this in the video from braut.TV .

3. Food for the kids at the wedding

Whether the children are eating at the children’s table or with their parents, you should offer them some simple children’s meals.

It can be pasta, french fries or schnitzel – the kids are completely satisfied with that. If you want to give the whole thing a childish touch, pay attention to a funny arrangement (faces, animals, etc.) or think up funny names for the dishes.

You can place it in the middle of the table as a buffet or you can reserve a small area at the buffet especially for the children’s meals.

Snacks for in between

Since children are always hungry in between, it is best to leave a few snacks on the children’s table. Cookies, crackers, fruit or vegetable sticks ensure that the children keep their good mood. You should especially consider this if it takes a little longer until the buffet opening.

Instead of a wedding cake, you can inspire children with sweet cake pops.

Not only do they look great and child-friendly, they are also quick in your mouth. This saves a lot of mess and you can eat several of them.

4. Children’s entertainment / wedding favors

While the parents are listening to speeches or talking to the people sitting next to them, there should be some quiet entertainment options for the children.

It is best to start with coloring things – you can get a few cute coloring pages about getting married from us as PDFs free of charge. Or you can order some coloring books, which are also available with a wedding theme from 4 € on Amazon .

Stickers are also very popular with children. Especially for older girls with wedding dresses: the fashion designer for weddings (on Amazon for 7 €).

The kids can always keep themselves busy with soap bubbles  or stick lights – even later in the fresh air when the program is over.

Child activity at the wedding: great program items

At large weddings with many children, it can be worthwhile to organize small program items for the children. This can be, for example, a magician, face painting or a few games that a supervisor puts on with the children.

You can read more about this in our article “Childcare at the wedding” .

Ask at the local kindergarten whether an apprentice would like to take care of a few hours for a little pocket money or you can ask your guests with children about nice babysitters.

The children will be thrilled one way or another that you’ve come up with something especially for them!