Elyce + James said their vows and danced the night away at Hently Farm Winery in the beautiful Barossa Valley. It was a modern, romantic and elegant celebration, with grey and plum tones mixed with modern textures.

You can check out their love story and gorgeous images from Katie Harmsworth below!

Tell us about your proposal.

James and I did a wine tour around the Barossa Valley with both of our immediate families. After stopping at a few wineries (and James acting rather strange), we arrived for lunch at FermentAsian in Tanunda. As our family entered the restaurant, James asked me to come with him. He started heading straight towards the rotunda in the park nearby, refusing to turnaround when I asked him where he was going!? The intention was for him to make it inside the rotunda, however he got nervous and dropped the knee just outside.

The rotunda was sentimental as on our first date we danced in a similar one in Glenelg, and by “accident” the song by Rod Stewart “If we fall in love tonight” came onto James’ playlist. I said to James jokingly, “are you falling in love with me?” We chose this song for our first dance at the wedding.

What do you love most about your partner?

Elyce: James’ loyalty to his family, his friends, his work, his sport, and me! My Dad once told me loyalty is the best gift you can give someone, and this trait is evident throughout James’ life. He knows how to make a good day great, and puts more importance on my own happiness than his own. He is unassuming, affectionate, thoughtful, smart and witty, and of course has an equal appreciation for red wine and delicious food – key!

James: Elyce simply puts a smile on face every single day. She has an amazing juxtaposition of intelligence, maturity and kindness with humour, playfulness and a party animal! She has an eminent likability about her and is able to quickly build an affinity with people from all walks of life. She shows me unrelenting love on a daily basis and I’m very lucky that she has chosen me as her husband.

What is marriage to you?

Marriage is respect, trust, love and learning when to compromise. It is apologising when you do not think you’re wrong, and supporting your partner even if they’re not always right. It’s being your complete and utter self, and knowing that is everything they need and more. It’s a kiss goodbye in the morning, and a kiss hello in the evening. Marriage is having someone by your side to share and remember all the highs and lows of this journey that is life.