A Romantic Modern-Vintage Wedding with an Elegant Barn Reception

When a wedding described as ‘romantique’, ‘multicultural’ and ‘vintage inspired’ landed in my inbox I clicked open with bated breath…. and it is fair to say there were a fair few squeals of delight when I caught sight of the oh-so-lovely photos by Chloe Luka Photography! Because the pretty details and romantic style of Lea & Matt’s big day is truly something else……



From the prettiest palette of pinks, and the delicate floral arrangements (we’re talking peonies, roses and ranunculus!), to the breathtaking ceremony under a Willow tree, and the elegant barn reception with beautiful DIY decor by Lea & Matt; everything about this wedding says romantic, vintage perfection.

And, as if that isn’t enough, they also have the sweetest love story! You see Lea is French, and Matt American, so it seems when the couple met in 2010 in Lyon, France where Matt’s band were playing, it must have been fate! A long distance relationship for any length of time is never easy, but this loved up duo managed it for years, until Matt proposed and Lea applied for her Visa, only receiving it 8 weeks before their big day – yep 8 weeks!

Lea says “That was not a easy! It was REALLY stressful because we had only two months to plan everything – from the day I moved to America until the morning of our wedding – and Matt was home only 20 days of that because of touring!….. But it all turned out perfect! We loved  creating a wedding that displayed our cultures, we incorporated both languages into our wedding. For example, our menu as well as our party favors were in french. On the bar, I placed and antique ice bucket that contained english words, as well as their French translation for the guests. It was important for us that both of our families and friends were present, some driving 40 minutes, and others flying 18 hours. This union of both culture and language differences made our day unforgettable.” I should say it did!


1 A-Romantic-Modern-Vintage-Wedding-with-an-Elegant-Barn-Reception


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“Thank god for my florist Jessie from Sherwood Florist. She is the best! Has the cutest shop in downtown Dayton. She totally captured my vision. She used a multitude of flowers such as garden roses, peonies, ranunculus and incorporated greens so it could match our wedding colors. The shape was a hand tied, cascade style.”


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Many congratulations and huge thanks to the happy couple Lea & Matt! After all those years of living on different continents, it must feel like a dream to finally be together, and husband & wife!! A special thanks also to their lovely photographer Chloe Luka who really did do the most wonderful job of capturing the smiles, tears, love, joy and details of their magical day. If you would like to see more of her beautiful work, why not head over to her website and or you can find and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter &Pinterest.

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