Candy bar for the wedding: The 33 best tips & ideas

It is a dream in pink, red or motley – the candy bar. The trendy candy buffet has become a highlight for the eyes and taste buds at many weddings.

We’ll tell you how to set up a great candy bar. What belongs on the sweet table and how can you also decorate the candy bar? With us you will learn how your personal candy buffet becomes an eye-catcher to eat.

The sweet table or candy bar comes from the USA and is not only a sugar-sweet surprise for the little guests. Even at the champagne reception, many guests will be happy to help themselves to the delicacies and put together their favorite sweets. Or the candy bar is also a highlight for dessert. If you would like to call it German, “Naschbar” is a nice name for the sweet buffet. formal dresses online

1. The best tips for your candy bar

The perfect place for the candy bar

Do you set up a candy bar or sweet table for a wedding? Then it really puts it in the limelight! Such a visual highlight belongs in a prominent place in the wedding location.

Whether in the corridor, where all the wedding guests come by, or next to the buffet, at the bar or at the entrance – you should definitely make a few thoughts about the placement of the candy bar.

Above all, it is important that you can help yourself to the sweet table again and again.

When you set up and open the candy bar

It always depends on your schedule. Some say at the beginning of the welcome speech that the guests can help themselves at the candy bar right away, others only open it for dessert. But you should also adapt the structure to this.

If you only want to open the candy bar in the evening, it borders on torture, having set it up all day and letting the children run past it again and again … Best: set it up and open it immediately. So everything stays fresh and crisp.

If you want to open it right at the beginning, the candy bar can also be set up the day before. But then also pay attention to suitable containers and be careful in halls and barns that no vermin are attracted.

Advantage when setting up for dessert: the children and those with a sweet tooth don’t fill their stomachs with sweets before eating and really only use the sweet table as a dessert. The parents will thank you …

Healthy variety

So that not only calories and tooth decay call out, you can also rely on a healthy mixture and in between set up some fruit and delicious non-alcoholic cocktails on the candy buffet.

2. Candy bar decoration to fall in love with

Make your own candy bar – in the style of your wedding

Decorating the candy bar yourself is not that difficult.

Just make sure to adapt them to the style of your wedding. This can be, for example, in the vintage style with old wooden boxes or you take a normal table, put a tablecloth on it and use containers that match the wedding look.

Your candy bar table fits perfectly with the rest of the decoration.

3. Candy ideas for candy bar / sweet table

What belongs in a candy bar? First of all, you should choose the sweets for the Candy Bar according to what you like. But you can also adapt the sweet delicacies to your wedding color, after all, the glaze or the flavor can be varied in color.

Tip: For some sweets you need tongs or other accessories so that it doesn’t become unhygienic.


Open your candy bar for a champagne reception and offer waffles as a little refreshment. Everyone likes them and they can be presented so beautifully!

But be careful: they must be freshly prepared as possible. To do this, you should treat yourself to a service provider who prepares them for you.

For example, if you want to offer such sweet waffle skewers, we have a fitting tip for you to make the heart skewers yourself .

Dessert as a loosening up

If you open the snack bar after dinner as a dessert alternative, you can add a few dessert glasses to the sweets.

The ideal mixture and also good for those guests who would rather have a classic dessert.

4. Candy bar containers as beautiful eye-catchers

5. The candy bar – also ideal for your guest gifts

Simply place small bags, cans or boxes next to the candy buffet. They serve as a nice decoration and make it clear that guests should like to take something home with them. However, a corresponding sign can never do any harm.

The advantage: the wedding guests can take some goodies home as a gift and nibble from the sweettable a few days later. This will especially please the children who stayed at home.

6. More candy bar ideas

Would you like to celebrate a candy bar wedding and offer your guests lots of sweet treats? Here we have even more ideas for the candy bar for you!

7. Alternatives to the candy bar

Fruit bar for the wedding

A portion of fresh fruit is a welcome cool-down, especially in summer. The healthy snack is easy and gives the guests new energy for a long night of partying.

Tip: You can wonderfully adapt the fruit bar for the wedding to the season of your wedding and offer seasonal fruits. From strawberries in May to plums in September or oranges in winter, there is something for every taste. formal dresses with sleeves