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Plan the perfect celebration with our comprehensive wedding checklist. Includes when to order invitations, book the reception location, and more!

Champagne reception for the wedding – 25 practical tips & great ideas

The champagne reception at the wedding can (in addition to the registry office) either take place directly after the wedding in front of the church or when all wedding guests arrive at the wedding location. We’ll tell you what you should pay attention to and have a few tips ready. 1. General information about the champagne […]

The most beautiful decoration ideas for the golden wedding

If that’s not a reason to celebrate: 50 years of marriage together – you should honor them with a big celebration! Anyone looking for suitable decoration ideas for the golden wedding has come to the right place. We have put together a beautiful collection of decorations for everything to do with the golden wedding and many […]

Flowers for wedding

1. General tips on choosing flowers for the wedding The flowers used at a wedding have a very big influence on the mood of the wedding celebration and the overall appearance of the decoration.  It is therefore best if you have the entire flower arrangement – including the bridal bouquet – done by a florist. Ideally […]

5 questions and answers about selling wedding dress

Freshly baked wives are faced with the question of what to do with their beloved wedding dress. It’s too bad for a sad existence in the closet. Then why not sell the wedding dress better? But how do you sell a wedding dress and where? We answer the 5 most common questions about selling wedding dresses. 1. Why […]

Dream island honeymoon: Unforgettable honeymoon in Bali

The dream wedding is already planned, but you are still looking for a suitable destination for your honeymoon? How about a Bali honeymoon – the exotic paradise island of Bali, which belongs to Indonesia, is definitely just the thing for you! Fantastic beaches, breathtaking natural beauties, hospitable people and a lively culture make Bali perfect for […]

The morning gift – our top 30 ideas for gifts to the bride or groom

The traditional custom of the morning gift is a special gift originally given by the groom to his bride on the morning after the wedding for financial security. Today the morning gift comes in different forms and with more romantic intentions – it is certain that where something is given away, there are happy faces. The […]

Make civil marriage ceremony festive

Only the civil wedding is legally binding. That is why it was a prerequisite for church marriages until 2009. Since then, however, a church wedding has also been possible without the civil wedding. However, this wedding ceremony is not legally binding. You can register no earlier than six months before your desired wedding date. However, some registry offices offer […]

Registration for marriage in the registry office

In Germany and Austria, you can usually register your marriage at the marriage registration office as early as 6 months before the day. For popular appointments or locations, it is said that newlyweds line up overnight in front of the registration desk. Therefore, you should not wait too long before registering in the registry. Especially […]

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