Celebrate silver wedding – celebrate 25 years of marriage

he “Silver Wedding” is a great occasion to celebrate.

After the “White Wedding”, the day of the wedding 25 years ago and the “Golden Wedding”, which can be celebrated in another 25 years, it is a special moment in a married life. The Silver Wedding describes a summit point in a partnership from which a great deal can be looked back on. At the same time, the jubilees have an indescribable perspective on the future, as many hurdles are a thing of the past and have already been successfully overcome.

1. Information for the anniversary couple

The planning

A silver wedding can be wonderfully celebrated with family and friends!

Whether you organize them at home, in a restaurant or maybe even in a mountain hut is up to you. On this holiday, the marriage vows are also renewed together with the children. So they have a part in the ceremony this time too. Let yourself be inspired by the silver wedding ideas and possibilities on our website and enjoy the anticipation for this day!

Thanksgiving service for the silver wedding

The Silver Wedding is in itself a special moment. To give your festival day the right frame, you can start or end it with a thank you service, as you like. Many couples have their vows renewed during the ceremony.

Silver wedding invitations

Of course, you can also give your invitation to your big day orally, but it becomes enormously festive when it is written.

Whether you produce them by hand or made by a print shop is of course entirely up to you. Often a little bit of color and talent is enough to turn a mandatory body text into a tasteful and personal document.

You can find tips for the content and structure in this article.

As a suggestion for the design, the  picture gallery with silver wedding  invitations can certainly help you.

Decoration for the festival

One topic is roughly given by the concept of a silver wedding: the choice of colors.

Of course, silver does not have to be dominant in the color scheme, but gold tones should only be used discreetly, if at all. As is known, they stand for the golden wedding, which is only celebrated 25 years later. Otherwise you can choose all variations that suit you and give your celebration a festive setting.

In our article “Silver Wedding Decoration Ideas with a Whistle” you will find many silver wedding design ideas on how you can decorate the tables and the hall for your silver wedding.

You can find specific ideas for floral decoration in our table decoration picture gallery, for example .

Silver Wedding: How about a second honeymoon?

This special event is, of course, ideal for a second honeymoon. This brings back old memories and you can relax and unwind. The children are usually so old that they can be safely left at home.

If you were already on your honeymoon at the time, it would of course be nice if you then visited the place from then. But also a big dream trip, which has been desired for years, can be tackled on this occasion.

Even with a smaller budget, you don’t have to do without a nice trip. Just have a look at our article 7 Tips for cheap honeymoons .

2. Information for the anniversary guests

Speeches on the silver wedding

Writing authentic speeches is actually not that difficult.

The mere fact that you were asked to say a few words to the employees celebrates great trust. And with this feeling of friendship, you should also start writing. Suggestions, examples and formulation aids are always good and help with the first lines.

You will find exact templates here shortly. Until then, the Golden Wedding Speech may help you, which can also be easily rewritten for the Silver Wedding.

Silver wedding gifts

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In contrast to the wedding ceremony 25 years ago, the budget of a silver wedding couple is already complete.

Kitchen machines and Co. can therefore usually be forgotten (unless they are expressly requested!).

Here you will find the  top 25 ideas for gifts for the silver wedding . From a trip around the world to a parachute jump, everything is possible.

A silver wedding newspaper with great souvenir pictures is also a nice gift. More information can be found in the article Silver Wedding Newspaper .

Silver wedding: organize a great program

An interesting program item loosens the mood at every festival and is a good opportunity to surprise the anniversary couple. You can find great ideas in our games collection .

Congratulations, sayings and poems

Festive congratulations and atmospheric poems for the festive setting are a traditional part of a silver wedding. Whether you choose dignified poetry or sociable rhymes is of course entirely up to you.semi formal dresses