Champagne reception for the wedding – 25 practical tips & great ideas

The champagne reception at the wedding can (in addition to the registry office) either take place directly after the wedding in front of the church or when all wedding guests arrive at the wedding location. We’ll tell you what you should pay attention to and have a few tips ready.

1. General information about the champagne reception

Timing of the champagne reception

This is especially important in midsummer.
Not that your wedding guests have to go to a gas station after the long line to congratulate them so that they have something to drink and don’t tip over. With such an action, the mood can change very quickly.Whether you have the champagne reception directly after the wedding or only then at the wedding location has different advantages. An important advantage for the champagne reception after the wedding is that the wedding guests do not have to drive thirsty to the wedding location first .

On the other hand, wedding guests may not want to drink champagne because they have to drive shortly afterwards. Here you just have to weigh up what is more important to you and how many people you have only invited to the wedding ceremony. Also think about where it is easier to organize the champagne reception.

Of course, an outdoor champagne reception is especially nice – but you should always have a plan B in case it rains on your wedding day.

2. The drinks for the wedding champagne reception

At the sparkling wine reception for the wedding, a syrup with pure sparkling wine is also offered (e.g. elderberry syrup). If a hot day is expected, it is best to have enough water on hand (ideal for the first thirst quencher).

Soft drinks and other juices are rather unusual at the champagne reception at the wedding. But if you have invited a lot of children to your wedding, they will of course be all the more happy about it.

3. Ideas for the champagne reception for the wedding

4. Organize the champagne reception after the registry office

Organization: caterer or personal responsibility?

The first question for organizing the reception after the wedding: Would you like to organize everything yourself or book a separate catering for the champagne reception or let your wedding location take care of it?

If you’d rather make it easy for yourself, book a
caterer who will organize the champagne reception for you at the wedding. So you don’t have to worry about the large number of champagne glasses or washing up and you can enjoy everything in peace …The self-organized champagne reception for the wedding is of course cheaper, but also much more stressful and time-consuming in preparation. You need some helpers who prepare the champagne reception during the wedding and who will always refill and tidy up later.

If you want to serve the sparkling wine yourself, make sure that you buy a little too much with the drinks rather than too little (maybe some unexpected guests, e.g. club members, neighbors, etc.) will come to the wedding.

At most beverage retailers, you can get the drinks on commission and then return any complete boxes that were not needed.

Simple plastic cups are definitely taboo at a champagne reception! It is better to ask at your wedding location whether you can borrow glasses for the champagne reception.

Perhaps the church meetinghouse can also provide you with the champagne glasses. In a pinch, you can also use disposable champagne glasses.

You should also organize too many of the glasses or have a way to wash the glasses. Some of the wedding guests also like to take a second (fresh) glass and it would of course be very bad for the mood if there is still enough champagne available, but no more unused champagne glasses.

For the champagne reception, plan another table in addition to the required tables, on which the guests can put their glasses.

Otherwise, the champagne glasses may be placed on the floor and then glasses may break (and broken glass doesn’t bring any luck!).

In any case, you need some helpers who prepare the champagne reception for the wedding during the wedding and then wash all glasses later. Let the helpers know that the glasses with pure sparkling wine shouldn’t be too full – the guests would rather be refilled than that the guests leave half-full glasses.

If you don’t just want to toast and then drive on, but have 1-2 hours to receive all the congratulations and chat, then we recommend a mobile coffee bar. It brings a cozy flair to your champagne reception and will delight your guests. Latte macchiato, cappuccino and co. With small snacks – a mobile coffee bar pampers your loved ones and is a real highlight for the champagne reception.

5. Give finger food to the champagne reception

If you don’t go over to lunch, coffee or dinner right after the champagne reception, it is advisable that you offer small bites at the champagne reception.

You should keep in mind that many of your wedding guests will certainly be very hungry after the wedding.

Due to a long journey and the preparation for the wedding, some guests may not even have been able to have breakfast properly.

And the mood killer No. 1 at weddings are hungry wedding guests. You can easily avoid this with a little finger food or canapés at the champagne reception.

If it takes a little longer to drink champagne, make sure that there are also a few (shady) seating areas – especially for the older wedding guests – and a couple of helpful high tables on which you can put your glasses.

It looks nice, of course, if you also decorate the tables for the champagne reception a little – ideally to match the rest of the wedding decorations.