Church decoration for the wedding

A beautiful church decoration conjures up a festive flair at your wedding.

Therefore we would like to give you a few tips and ideas for your church decoration. You can also browse through our wedding shop !

Before you decide on a certain church decoration, ask your pastor / priest whether there are any restrictions in the church ordinance.

1. Decoration and floral arrangements for altars and pews

The church likes to decorate the pews, the altar and possibly also the church door with flowers. Here you should make sure that the overall concept is right.

If the church is relatively simple, then you can set great accents with strong and colorful flowers. If the church is already very pompous (e.g. with lots of decorations on the wall and at the altar), then you shouldn’t overdo it with the flower decorations. Monochrome and subtle wedding decorations are better then.

But don’t forget to decorate your own wedding chairs.

It is best to use the same flowers and colors for the church decoration as for the rest of the weddingdecoration .

Bows, pearl ribbons, candles and other decorative items should also be coordinated with it. Because a uniform color match makes the whole wedding look more festive.

The church decorations for the pews and for the altar can be quite expensive in a large church. Below you will find helpful tips for saving church decorations.

So that the flower arrangement for the church looks really fresh on the wedding day, you should either have the flowers attached by the florist or put the flowers used in small test tubes, vases or wet plugging material so that there is always enough water available.

2. Wedding carpet as a practical wedding decoration

Of course, a wedding carpet can also increase the festive mood in the wedding location enormously. Especially red carpets like at a real gala event are very popular.

In addition to the visual aspect, a wedding carpet is also very useful if your  flower children are  actually not allowed to sprinkle flowers in order not to dirty the floor of the church.

With a wedding carpet, you may be able to negotiate a compromise with the pastor regarding flower arrangements in the church, since the petals do not even touch the church floor.

And the wedding carpet also reduces the risk of slipping. This can be useful for churches with very smooth floors.

If you would like to use a wedding carpet, then ask if you can lay it out in the church a few days in advance so that it really lies flat at the wedding.

3. Church notebook and tears of joy handkerchiefs

You can also put great color accents on the mostly gray or brown pews with your church notebook and with additional tears of joy.

How to design a church notebook in the most beautiful way and what everything should be in it can be found in our detailed article about the church notebook .

You can find more information and tips on the useful handkerchiefs in our separate article on tears of joy handkerchiefs .

4. Church decoration for the church door

Since most of the wedding guests meet in front of the church and this is the first place on the big wedding anniversary, it looks all the more beautiful if the church or the church door is a bit decorated from the outside.

You can use large flower arrangements, flower wreaths or even beautiful green plants (possibly decorated with bows), which then make the entrance area of ​​the church look even more festive.

Depending on whether you want to spend some time in front of the church after the wedding or you maybe even want to take your wedding photos in front of the church, the wedding decoration can be of different sizes.

5. Decoration for an outdoor wedding ceremony

If you are planning an outdoor wedding , the decoration doesn’t look any different than a normal church decoration. Again, it is nice when the chairs are decorated with flowers.

In general, however, you should make sure that all decorative items are well attached so that a gust of wind does not blow all your wedding decorations away. It is best to light candles only in large lanterns.

6. Decoration for the champagne reception in front of the church

If you want to organize a champagne reception after the church wedding , make sure that you also decorate the (standing) tables to match the church decoration.

For this purpose, offer Stehtischhussen and even small flower arrangements, which are then placed on the bar tables.

You can find more tips and ideas for a champagne reception in our article Champagne reception for a wedding .

7. Tips for saving church decorations

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Ask your florist if you can borrow small trees and green plants that can then be placed in front of the church. Equipped with a few beautiful bows, you get a great church decoration for the outside for little money.

If you use small arrangements for your church decorations, which you can then take with you after the wedding and use as table decorations, then your wedding budget will be relieved. Of course you have to plan a few more helpers than usual so that everything can be dismantled and rebuilt quickly.

If another wedding takes place in the church on the same day, then maybe you can team up with the other bride and groom and only get one flower decoration for both weddings. Then you can share the cost of the wedding decoration.

In a large church with many pews, not every pew needs to be decorated.

You can also attach the wedding decorations only in the front rows or only on every other pew. This saves you money and the church decoration still looks festive.