Design wedding invitations – it’s that easy …

Are you getting married and want to design your wedding invitations online?

The more personal details like the wedding invitations, the more beautiful the party will be for the wedding guests. The wedding will be a unique experience. And that is what many wedding couples want.

That’s why it’s something very special when you can design your own wedding invitations. Once the date for the wedding has been found, the place for the party after the wedding has been booked and the guest list has been written, then it is time to formulate and design the invitation cards. formal dresses for women

1. Design your own wedding invitations – the shop selection

From simple and monochrome to brightly colored, nothing is impossible when it comes to wedding invitations. How and where you want to design your wedding invitations is also up to your own taste and not least the budget of the couple.

In order to be able to design your wedding invitations yourself, use the existing designs of the well-known card shops and simply add your text and your pictures.

2. Design wedding invitations – The design

Designing your own wedding invitation cards – it’s much easier than many bridal couples imagine. The best thing to do is to start by defining the style of your wedding and the wedding colors. Then you choose a card design that goes with it.

If you do not know spontaneously what style the wedding should have, you can first select the card design, design the wedding cards online and thus determine a wedding style.

With special highlights such as relief varnish or other refined finishes, you will delight your guests and increase their recognition value.

Here we have put together some popular card designs in different styles as examples. 

3. Design your own wedding invitation cards – the design

Adapting the design you have chosen is very easy , for example in our card shop . Even without prior design knowledge, you can adapt the templates, insert your personal data, photos, etc. very easily and in the end you have designed an individual invitation card that suits you perfectly. If you are unsure, you can first request a sample card.

Your personality and individuality should ultimately be reflected in the invitations. When designing wedding invitations online, the scope for design, layout, text and paper ranges from a classic, conservative announcement to an original, unconventional invitation in postcard form. There are classic to fine types of paper available, which you can choose according to your taste. 

Most wedding invitation cards are printed either in folded A5 format or in long format, e.g. as folding cards. This also makes it easier for you to send the invitation cards to your wedding guests.

But there are also unusual formats that surprise your guests and are real eye-catchers. In this case, make sure to order the appropriate envelopes.

When it comes to the question of how you can design your wedding invitation cards, you can let your creativity run free. The more personal, the better. Photo invitations are also popular. That means there is a nice photo of the bride and groom on the front, usually also a short sentence like “We dare …”, “We are getting married!” Or “Wedding!”

Of course, the names and the wedding date must not be missing when designing wedding invitations yourself. If the celebrations have a certain motto, this should already be expressed in the invitation.

Depending on your taste, text, colors and other design elements such as sayings, ornaments or a photo of the future bride and groom can round off the design of the invitation card. Instead of a normal photo, you can also use a creative pop-art picture or a bridal couple wedding caricature as a special idea . Your own wedding logo is also very personal and individual .

Tip: If you have decided on a design for the wedding invitation, have the place cards , menu cards , church booklets and thank you cards printed in this design. So you have a nice red thread in your wedding stationery.

4. Design your own wedding cards – the text

If you want to design your own wedding cards, the following applies to the text: less is more . The invitation should not contain too much text, but should be limited to the essential information that is important to the guests. The first important cornerstone of the invitation is of course the occasion: the official announcement of the wedding. A few personal words as an introduction make the invitation card particularly individual.

The invitation should also state when and where the wedding or the subsequent party will take place and who is inviting them to the wedding celebration. In addition, special ideas regarding the desired clothing, the program, the online wedding table or the wishes for gifts can be expressed on the invitation card  .

Last but not least, when designing your own wedding invitation cards, you should remember to ask the invited people to respond to the invitation by a certain date so that the actual number of wedding guests can be better estimated.

5. Create experiences with wedding cards

Sandy from braut.TV tells you about her experiences in creating wedding invitations in this video:

One thing is certain: designing and printing your own wedding cards in a card shop looks more professional and really makes you want to go to the big party. Individual personal details, such as a satin ribbon in your wedding color, can also be attached later by yourself. Just let your creativity run free!

By the way, you can find great ideas and examples for designing a beautiful wedding invitation yourself in our picture gallery with wedding invitations .

There are testimonials from the individual providers for designing invitation cards online in the wedding card provider comparison . 

6. Create more inspiration for invitation cards

Would you like to design your invitation online? Then take a look at a few nice design templates here. The quality is right with all professional providers, so it depends primarily on which design you like. long sleeve formal dresses