Flowers for wedding

1. General tips on choosing flowers for the wedding

The flowers used at a wedding have a very big influence on the mood of the wedding celebration and the overall appearance of the decoration. 

It is therefore best if you have the entire flower arrangement – including the bridal bouquet – done by a florist. Ideally even from someone who has experience with wedding floristry. You can find professional florists with wedding experience and in your area in our business directory . formal dresses online

Of course, if you have a florist in your family or circle of friends, then you can save some money if you can do some things yourself. You should still leave the car jewelry and the bridal bouquet to a professional (for this you have to be really knowledgeable about flowers).

At the celebration, the rest of the room decorations and table decorations should also  match the flowers used. For the right flower arrangement, the size of the tables and the other decorations are very important. In the end, however, it also depends on your taste and the style of the entire celebration, which you choose. In our photo stories you will find a wedding that relied heavily on floral decorations: “Flowery-fresh wedding in pink and orange” .

Many wedding florists have albums with suggestions that you can use as inspiration and a lot of experience, which will likely look good. For inspiration, you can also visit our huge picture galleries ( e.g. our bridal bouquet collection ).

The time of year can also play a role. Sunflowers , for example, are ideal for a country wedding in late summer or autumn, such as this “sunflower wedding in yellow and gray” . You can find autumn DIY instructions in the article “Autumn table decorations with pumpkins” . The ranunculus, on the other hand, is a real herald of spring. The delicate flowers with lush blossoms were  perfectly staged in the photo story Ranunculus as a spring-like wedding decoration  .

Also note that some flowers are very expensive (or even not available at all) out of season. Our clear “flower lexicon with availability of the most popular wedding flowers” ​​will help you.

So get detailed advice from your florist when choosing flowers. Often the wedding location also knows a good florist who usually takes over the flower arrangements and is very familiar with the circumstances.

If the florist has not yet been to the wedding location, show him pictures of it or visit the ballroom with him in advance. In addition to table decorations, rental plants are also ideal as flower decorations for the wedding.

In any case, it must be ensured that the flower arrangements of the wedding are not too small and get lost or the wedding flower arrangements are too big and take up all the space on the table.

You should order the flowers or flower arrangements at least 4 weeks before the wedding. Especially in the wedding phase from June to August, many florists  (especially the good ones  ) are already fully booked and unfortunately cannot accept any further orders for your flower arrangements for the wedding.

Shopping tip: beautiful boxes with roses that last for years are real eye-catchers in your wedding decorations and magical guest gifts! Available from Blossom Box .

2. What flowers do you need for the wedding?

This list is intended to give a brief overview of everything that goes with the flower decoration for the wedding. Not all will apply to you, and you don’t need all of it. As always, it has to be right for your wedding.

3. Importance of some flowers

Some flowers have a very special symbolism and are therefore often used for wedding jewelry. Here is a selection:


As an evergreen plant, ivy stands for loyalty. Even in ancient times, the bride and groom received ivy after the wedding. Ivy is usually combined with other flowers and fruits.

In the Christian faith, the lily symbolizes virginity. For example, the Virgin Mary is called a lily among thorns. It stands for pure love and a pure heart. Inspirations for the “bridal bouquet with lilies” can be found in the blog.


The myrtle wreath was a popular headdress for brides in ancient times. The myrtle was assigned to both the goddess Aphrodite and Demeter, mother of the earth and goddess of fertility.

This plant combines evergreen leaves with red and white flowers and sweet fruits. This combination symbolizes love, purity, constancy, passion, beauty and duration.

The rose already stood for love among the Greeks and is associated with the goddess Aphrodite.

White roses symbolize the purity of love, red roses stand for desire and passion.

A pretty highlight at the wedding ceremony is a rose arch at the wedding. The delicate flowers are a real eye-catcher, especially at outdoor weddings.

The orchid expresses admiration and appreciation. It looks flawless and exotic. You can find beautiful sample pictures for the “bridal bouquet with orchids” in our blog. formal dresses with sleeves

Violets and forget-me-nots:

These small flowers were very popular for bridal bouquets during the Romantic era. The forget-me-not makes the groom think of his wife forever.

Both flowers are very delicate and represent attention and mutual respect.