Getting married abroad – the guide

Getting married abroad is becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, because you can spend the most beautiful day in life far away from everyday life (and preferably in the sun)! formal dresses online

Would you like to get married abroad? Here we have put together a few things to consider as well as tips and information on the easiest way to get married abroad.

1. What are the advantages of a wedding abroad?

With the last point in particular, however, you have to choose very carefully where to get married. In some countries, such as certain states in the USA or Denmark, getting married is much easier and faster than in Germany.

If you’re not pressed for time, the bureaucracy shouldn’t necessarily be the reason for getting married abroad. If you want to get married in another country because you have a special connection with it, that’s a nice idea!

Some newlyweds deliberately choose a wedding abroad to avoid the pressures of a big celebration. At a wedding in Germany, too many people would expect to be invited to the celebration.

What is an advantage for some can be a disadvantage for others. This particularly affects the lack of a wedding party.

Anyone getting married abroad must reckon with the fact that most family members and friends will / cannot take the long journey and the costs. A wedding abroad is therefore usually a very private, small affair.

2. Opportunities to get married abroad

Variant 1: civil marriage in Germany, free marriage abroad

The easiest option for a wedding abroad is to first have the civil ceremony (with or without a celebration) at home and then fly abroad for a beautiful wedding ceremony. This can then also be optimally combined with the  honeymoon .

Whether you celebrate big or small at home, organize a hen partyor a garden party or even get married for two is entirely up to you!

It is crucial that if you only celebrate the ceremony abroad, the entire bureaucratic effort is eliminated, since you do not need an official approval for the free wedding .

Tip: Tour operators now also offer complete packages for getting married abroad. With such offers you can rely on a smooth process. You also save a lot of time and stress compared to a wedding at home, which is usually organized by yourself.

Variant 2: Official marriage abroad, possibly recognition in Germany

This variant can be quite time-consuming depending on the country you want. The regulations are different everywhere, so it is best to find out more from your local foreign wedding organ.

We have summarized some legal information for you at the end of the article . You can also find more information at the Foreign Office.

In this case, too, it is best to look for a local agency that is familiar with the special formalities and can support you. After all, you want to enjoy the wedding and not worry about paperwork.

3. Nice places to get married abroad

For many, the idea of ​​a dream wedding is a wedding on a white sandy beach with shimmering, turquoise-blue water.

Therefore, many of the most popular destinations for an overseas wedding are in more tropical areas with warm climates, so that a proper beach wedding  can be celebrated. But there are also other places that are suitable for a special outdoor wedding or wedding abroad and that are not on the beach.

4. Legal questions in connection with an official marriage abroad

Is the wedding recognized in Germany?

The marriage abroad does not have to be registered in Germany in order to be legally valid. As long as you have adhered to the legal requirements in the country of marriage, the wedding abroad and thus also the marriage is legally valid.

But if you would like to have a marriage certificate and would like to take advantage of the legal advantages such as changing the tax class , you have to register your marriage there in Germany after getting married abroad. If you have your place of residence in Germany, you can do this at the local registry office.

As proof in Germany you definitely need a certified marriage certificate and in many cases a so-called over-certification or apostille / legalization, which must be applied for directly on site. Without the apostille it can be difficult to register the wedding in Germany.

So definitely clarify these points before getting married abroad. It is sometimes impossible to apply for an apostille from Germany afterwards! long sleeve formal dresses australia

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