Golden wedding: ideas and general information

A “golden wedding”, the 50th wedding anniversary, means a very special occasion to celebrate for anniversaries and guests alike.

It is five decades that we can look back on. They are filled with attained goals and events that shaped married life.

In our modern world, seasonal offers and short-lived trends are actually considered desirable and desirable. Nevertheless, we know the value of a long-term, mature relationship and in 50 years of marriage together we recognize the special thing that most of us are looking for.

1. Information for gold wedding couple

Your wedding was 50 years ago – a special reason to celebrate! How you want to celebrate your golden wedding is of course entirely up to you.

It is most beautiful when you celebrate this big event not just as a couple, but with the whole family and closest friends. Depending on the number of guests, you can celebrate the festive occasion both at home and in a restaurant. Perhaps there is also the possibility, if the guest house of yore still exists, to celebrate at the place where everything began 50 years ago for the so-called “Green Wedding”.

The “golden wedding” is much more than a happy anniversary – it is also an occasion for reflection and thanksgiving.

Perhaps there will be the opportunity to attend a service in the former wedding church or another place of worship with guests from then and now?

Take your time planning the gold wedding celebration and enjoy collecting your ideas and reminiscing at the same time.

With this article we would like to give you a little help for planning. Find out here what needs to be considered around the celebration of the golden wedding.

To celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary, it is a great idea to renew your vows. This can also be done individually and relaxed as part of the celebration with a free wedding ceremony.

A free speaker say a few words about yourself and your marriage, you decide to what extent and are completely free how you renew the vows.

When designing the decorations for the gold wedding, a bit of nostalgia can play a role. Family and friends are always happy to see some old pictures to marvel at.

You could have a copy of your wedding photo with all the guests from back then printed on the place cards or hang up the wedding photo as a painted picture. In addition to the familiar atmosphere, this also brings entertainment and topics of conversation for the guests at your gold wedding anniversary.

If you want, you can also bring a photo of the bridal bouquet to the florist you trust and have it re-tied.

If you are looking for a table decoration that does not only consist of the typical golden hearts, you can get inspiration in our table decoration picture gallery .

Guest book for the golden wedding


You and your family should remember this special day for a long time – what could be better than a nice guest book?

You can find many copies in our article “Wedding Guest Books  .

Something special for the golden wedding is a modern guest book with a golden greenery design.

2. Information for golden wedding guests

Married 50 years: giving a speech

Are you a family member or a good friend and companion of the anniversaries and need to find the right words for the festive occasion?

We have  tips for the speech as well as an example of the golden wedding speech in stock.

The cheering couple can also say a few words, after all, everyone is interested in how to be married and happy for 50 years.

Organize wedding games for the gold wedding

Wedding traditions are supposed to bring happiness, health and prosperity. Then as now, collecting pennies for the bridal shoes, sawing up logs, carrying the bride through a heart cut out of a bed sheet and much more – but only as long as the intervertebral discs hold ;-).

Of course, wedding games can also take place at the celebration, as long as they match the type and age of the anniversary couple. A funny sketch loosens up the mood and interesting program items make the celebration a great success.

Congratulations and gifts for the golden wedding

It is not always easy to find the right words – but none is wrong as long as it comes from the heart! You can find a few ideas for congratulations, wedding  sayings and, above all, sayings for the golden wedding in our guide.

Personal and original gifts are especially popular at this special festival.

Many, many shared images want to be scoured, but it’s worth it! The cheering couple will be amazed when you present a very personal wedding newspaper with the highlights from 50 years of marriage. Some tears of joy are sure to roll!