Golden wedding invitation cards

This is a milestone that needs to be properly celebrated! We have collected a few tips for the perfect golden wedding invitation cards.

Whether important information, texts, suitable sayings or poems – with us you will find everything you need for the original invitation cards for the golden wedding. cheap formal dresses

1. Invitation for the golden wedding: The text

What should the invitation text for the golden wedding be?

The best thing to do is to write a short introduction first, perhaps with a little personal reference. Then you list the facts. And finally one of our golden wedding sayings follows.

Introduction: invitation texts for the golden wedding

Are you looking for a template for the invitation text for your golden wedding? How about the following introductions:

Facts for the invitation cards for the golden wedding

Sayings for invitation cards for the golden wedding

You give your golden wedding invitation card that certain something with a beautiful quote, saying or poem – you will find many suitable examples in our article “Golden Wedding – Sayings and Poems”

2. Golden Wedding Invitation Cards: The Photos


Of course, an invitation to a golden wedding should include at least one photo – this is the only way to make the invitation really personal. We have put together some options for you regarding the photo selection:

  • 50 years in love: a recent photo of you
  • Before & now: Your wedding photo and a recent photo of you
  • Connectedness: A photo of your hands locked together
  • Abstract: Let an artist draw you or make a caricature and use this drawing for your invitation card

3. Golden Wedding Invitation Cards: Card providers

Really beautiful invitation cards for the golden wedding can now be designed inexpensively on the Internet. long sleeve formal dresses australia

We have tested the providers for you – click here for the experience reports .

4. Golden Wedding Thank You Cards

It’s best to think of the thank you cards early on, which you can send to the wedding guests afterwards. Many card providers can also order the thank you cards at the same time – for example in the same style as the invitation to the golden wedding.