Honeymoon – this will make you the most beautiful vacation of your life

The honeymoon is one of the oldest and most beautiful wedding customs that you should put into practice in some way! Regardless of whether you are going on a long-distance trip or are looking for a nearby destination, even if it is only a weekend trip at first – treat yourself to some time for two after the wedding to consciously enjoy the start of married life. cheap formal dresses

This is how you start planning your honeymoon

1. When do we start planning the honeymoon?

As soon as the wedding date is set, you should also think about when the honeymoon should take place. If necessary, it is best to take the desired number of weeks off after the wedding so that a colleague’s vacation planning does not get in the way. Depending on your employer, you may even be able to apply for special leave .

If you want to go on a long-distance trip in any case, you should first find out about the climate of the travel destination. The summer is often not recommended because of the rainy seasons, so it may be advisable to go on a romantic city trip to Paris or Venice immediately after the wedding and catch up on the long-haul trip later. The so-called minimoon, the short honeymoon, are ideal if you don’t want to travel that long or want to save money. You can read more about this in the article “Minimoon: Where you can relax and enjoy your short honeymoon” .

The detailed planning and booking of the honeymoon is about 9 months before the wedding. That’s why our honeymoon tips continue with the planning chapter.

2. How do we start planning the honeymoon?

When it comes to where the honeymoon should go, first discuss in peace and quiet during an evening for two how both of you personally imagine the honeymoon.

Would you like romance and togetherness, peace and relaxation to recover from the exciting and exhausting wedding preparations? Or adventure and action, lots of activities and something extraordinary?

Ideally, you have the same / similar wishes, otherwise you should agree in advance on a compromise that both will be happy with. Splitting the honeymoon, for example a week in the city and a week at the beach, is also becoming increasingly popular.

Anyone who longs for a few undisturbed days for two has come to the right place with the Minimoon .

3. What do we have to consider when planning the honeymoon?

Destinations for the honeymoon

Caribbean and Co.

We have put together honeymoon tips for togetherness and luxury in the article “The 10 most beautiful honeymoon destinations” for you. Sebastian and Line told us in their guest article why Costa Rica honeymoons are so wonderful and everything about honeymoons in South Africa . And we have inspiration for the Seychelles in our photo story for you.

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You don’t want to wander that far into the distance? No problem: There are also great honeymoon destinations in Europe, which are often not that expensive. Some travel bloggers have given us honeymoon tips and recommendations in the article “Honeymoon in Europe” .

Wonderful honeymoon experiences await you in Greece too. Find out more about the various activities from the beach to culture to adventure in our article “Discover Greece and its islands on your honeymoon” .

Also the charming Austria has for the (short) honeymoon to offer beautiful corners – read more you learn in the article “Mini Moon: Honeymoon in Salzburg – Romantic and plenty of time for two” .

On the way by cruise

If you don’t want to commit yourself to one destination and are looking for a lot of variety, a cruise is well advised. Just take a look at the interesting routes of the AIDA and think about whether a cruise might be the right one.

On the way by houseboat

A wonderfully flexible and independent way of traveling that is ideal for a honeymoon in Europe. Great routes, a beautiful boat and a lot of togetherness await you.

Beware of offers with so-called bride discounts or honeymoon tariffs. You should check this very carefully and read the small print. If the bride pays less, the groom may be added. So definitely don’t just book naively here.

Your budget doesn’t give too much for your honeymoon? Then we have some  “tips for saving money on a cheap honeymoon” for you.

Our honeymoon tips for you

  • If you are on a tight budget, remember to ask for cash gifts for the honeymoon when designing the wedding invitations.
  • Honeymoon Shooting: Take the wedding dress with you on your honeymoon and plan a 1-2 hour photo shoot on site.
  • Think carefully about the departure time. Do you want to start right away on your wedding night? Then everything has to be organized in advance and it can get stressful before the wedding. Are you a late riser and would you like to take your time to unpack and sort your presents? Then let 1-2 days pass before departure for the honeymoon.
  • Romantic highlight: Get married again on the beach, for example with a romantic sand ceremony . long sleeve formal dresses australia
  • Take your own favorite music or the love songs from the wedding with you for the honeymoon. So you can remember the great party right back on your honeymoon.