Make civil marriage ceremony festive

Only the civil wedding is legally binding. That is why it was a prerequisite for church marriages until 2009. Since then, however, a church wedding has also been possible without the civil wedding. However, this wedding ceremony is not legally binding.

You can register no earlier than six months before your desired wedding date. However, some registry offices offer an appointment reservation beforehand!  You can find the necessary formalities in our article  Registration for Marriage .

You just want to get married in a civil registry office? Then this wedding ceremony is all the more important – we have the right tips and suggestions.

In which registry office get married?

First think about which registry office you would like to marry (you have to register with the registry office in the place of residence first, then you can choose your preferred registry office). Not every wedding room is equally beautiful and corresponds to your taste. More and more registry offices are also offering weddingceremonies in special rooms or wedding ceremonies in the open air . Ask the registry offices in your area which options are available and which additional costs may arise.

Some registry offices also offer wedding ceremonies on Saturday, these dates are of course very popular and cost a small extra fee.

Tip: Look for the registry office with a good gut feeling. If the registry office does not respond to your wishes in advance, then you should look around for a different registry office (especially if the registry office wedding will be your only wedding). Some congregations complete the wedding in 10 minutes, while others take a lot of time and you can also introduce wishes and customs. Just have a look around in the circle of friends who has had which experiences.

What do we have to consider for a civil wedding?

  1. Have a preliminary talk with the responsible registrar. It should also be considered whether you want a common married name (all information can be found in our article  Name change for the wedding ). During the conversation you can also clarify how the ceremony should go. Of course it also depends on the registrar how flexible he / she shows himself here.
  2. Also discuss whether the ring change should take place during the ceremony (this would not be necessary if you are going to marry immediately afterwards). Perhaps other rituals / customs such as the sand ceremony can also be considered.
  3. Not only in the church, but also in the registry office you can inspire each other and the guests with an individual marriage promise. With us you read the 5 steps to the perfect marriage vow .
  4. Also discuss whether and in what form a musical background (live or from the tape) is possible. Music suggestions can be found in the article  Music and songs for the registry office .
  5. Also clarifies how many people can be accommodated in the wedding room, this can vary greatly. Especially if you only want to get married in a civil registry office, you want to have as many of your guests as possible at the wedding ceremony.
  6. The registry office often offers various master books for purchase. You can also get a stud book yourself – here you will find an overview of our top 10 stud books .
  7. If you only marry in a civil registry office, your friends and acquaintances do not have to do without customs such as trellises or tree saws. Such games are of course also possible after the civil wedding.
  8. However, you should clarify beforehand whether rice may be thrown so that you do not get into trouble with the authorities (risk of slipping, cleaning costs, etc.). Alternatively, prefer to switch to wedding  soap bubbles or wedding walls …
  9. Perhaps the space in front of the registry office is also suitable for a small champagne reception and a finger food buffet, or there are even rooms available for this. Just ask.
  10. Formulate the invitations precisely so that all guests know when what is celebrated. More on this in our article registry office invitations .
  11. There are many little things, accessories and decorative items that make your civil wedding a little more romantic – just browse through our wedding shop !

As you can see: even a civil wedding ceremony can certainly be arranged ceremoniously! It depends on your imagination, the courtesy of the registrar and of course the selection of the registry office.

Of course, the bride can also stand in front of the registrars in a white wedding dress if you like! You can find the best ideas for this in our large extra article Enchant the registry office in your  wedding dress.

A special dress that can also be worn on other occasions is particularly popular with brides who only want to wear the white wedding dress at the church / free wedding ceremony. You can read more about this topic in our article on registry office dresses .

Even if the civil wedding is not so important to you, you should still get a small bridal bouquet for this day. Then you simply feel more like “bride and groom”.

Our tip: If you want to marry in a civil office and then in a church, place the civil wedding on Thursday (instead of Friday as usual). This saves you a lot of stress, because on Friday there is still enough time to set up and decorate the location or simply for a relaxing day before the church wedding.

Many couples even plan the two weddings a few weeks or months apart to avoid stress and to be able to really enjoy both moments.

Are you undecided whether your civil & ecclesiastical should take place on one or different days? – Our article  registry office and church in one day or separately? can help you with this question!

The moment of signature

Tip: If you accept the name of your partner, then practice your signature beforehand so that you can also sign it at the wedding ceremony. You should also use an elegant writing instrument, because nothing looks worse than when the registrar presses an advertising pen with the logo of the local Bauhaus into your hand.