Music and songs for the registry office & free wedding ceremony

A song that will forever remind you of the most beautiful day in your life – it has to be! There is no better way to think back to this day than to a romantic melody. cheap formal dresses

This also applies if you “only” want a civil wedding. Beautiful songs are just as effective in the registry office as in the church. A free wedding lives from the ambience and the music, so here too special emphasis should be placed on it.

Whether you are planning a free wedding ceremony or want to get married in the registry office – beautiful love songs can always enrich your wedding, the wedding ceremony and the celebration.

The style of your wedding songs is up to you to decide. After all, they should touch you emotionally and accompany the wedding day perfectly.

Registry office music or songs for free wedding ceremonies can also be played in very different ways: whether instrumental, by a singer or a choir – this often makes a wedding song sound completely different.

1. Questions about music in the registry office and at the free wedding ceremony

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First of all, you have to clarify with the registry office whether you are allowed to play songs for the wedding in the registry office. The way we deal with music is different everywhere.

With a free wedding you have a lot of options and are much more flexible. Nevertheless, you should of course consider the conditions on site and discuss the details with the wedding location.

  1. Is it allowed to play music and in what framework?
  2. Is there a music system? Who can use it? (Maybe you can hire a friend to take care of the music for the civil ceremony.)
  3. Is music only desired in the background or can it also be played louder at important moments such as moving in, exchanging rings or moving out?
  4. Is live music allowed? (Maybe there is even a grand piano or other instruments that can be used.)
  5. Does the choice of music have to be agreed?

If music is not allowed in your registry office or if you have to bring your own music system, there are still alternatives: a band or singer who waits in front of the registry office when you come out – you might even surprise your partner with that.

2. Music for the wedding ceremony: wedding songs for the registry office & free wedding ceremony

Wedding songs are the icing on the cake for the emotional mood at your wedding ceremony. Which songs are played for the wedding depends of course on your taste, that’s why we have selected some of the most beautiful wedding songs from the field of classic love songs for you.

Have a listen and see which wedding song makes your heart beat faster …

Here we have an extensive collection of examples for beautiful wedding songs from the area of ​​classic love songs for weddings.

Depending on the mood and rhythm, we divided them up and added similar songs for the wedding. long sleeve formal dresses australia

Although many classics are certainly known, you can use the links for every wedding song to find the right YouTube video so you can listen again.

3. Music after the wedding and at the reception with champagne

4. Shopping tips for music for the wedding ceremony