Outdoor wedding ceremony

Would you like to say yes in the open air? Enjoy this special moment outside in nature, in bright sunshine and fresh air?

Why not?

While that means a little more effort, you’ll be amazed at how nice it is to be married outdoors!

An outdoor wedding is not the standard and therefore requires a little extra effort. But not so bad, we have put together a small checklist with everything you need to know, from civil weddings to church weddings and free weddings .

Whether your registrar comes to the green castle park or you fly a free theologian to your favorite holiday island – nothing stands in the way of an (extraordinary) outdoor wedding. formal dresses online

You have to inform yourself in detail, but you will surely be surprised at which places you can actually get married.

We have put together suitable locations for an outdoor wedding location, tips and decoration ideas for your wedding in the country in our article “Getting married outdoors” – this is mainly about where you can have a great party outside. The big question is whether you would like to have the wedding itself held in the same place outdoors.

If you want to say “ I do ” outdoors, there are the following options:

1. Outdoor civil marriage

Official marriages outdoors are basically possible, but the requirements of civil status law must also be observed, for example:

  • The place of the wedding must be within the registry office district.
  • If the room or property does not belong to the city, use by the registry office must be legally permissible.
  • During the marriage, the registrar must have house rights and, in principle, all couples must be able to get married in this place, according to the principle of equality. Unfortunately, this means that you don’t have your own garden.
  • The official act must not be endangered by possible disturbances. So the public must be excluded at the wedding location.
  • In bad weather, a suitable wedding room must also be available nearby.

As you can see, you are  not very flexible with a civil marriage in the open air. But there are more and more opportunities to move the “official part” outside.

In addition to the wedding room in the registry office, many registry offices also offer some dates in more romantic places. This can be a castle in your city with a possibly great castle park or a special other location in the city.

Simply call your registry office directly, it costs nothing to ask. The wedding ceremony outside of the wedding room does, however. Most registry offices charge a surcharge of around 250 euros for this.

If you have chosen a nice outdoor location in another city for the civil ceremony outdoors, your registry office and that of the other city have to work together. Your first point of contact is always the registry office in your city.

Some registry offices specialize in outdoor weddings. You benefit from sophisticated planning and do not have to think too much yourself and, above all, organize less. That saves an enormous amount of time.

For example, on Norderney or Rügen you can even experience a civil wedding right on the beach.

You can find even more suggestions in our article “Getting married on the beach” .

2. Outdoor church wedding

In principle, a church wedding can also take place outdoors. It depends on the priest or pastor responsible for you. The same applies here: just ask!

As is well known, the Protestant Church is somewhat more “open” than the Catholic Church and tends to issue a “special permit”.

Possibly. can also be married in another outdoor ward.

Then your parish has to issue a so-called Dimissoriale (Latin: “Discharge Certificate”). It allows an official ecclesiastical act to be carried out at a church other than one’s own.

3. Free wedding ceremony – celebrate the wedding outside

Anyone who wants to get married in a fancy place – such as outdoors – is always best advised with a free theologian. The free wedding ceremony has no official meaning, but is ideally suited as a romantic part of the wedding.

You are completely free and flexible in terms of location, procedure and speech / ceremony. In addition, the free wedding ceremony is much less complicated and very personal! You can find out more about personal weddings in our guide . We have also put together great inspiration for wedding rituals in our article on rituals for free weddings . formal dresses with sleeves

You don’t just want to get married in the open air, but prefer to marry under a foreign open sky? Then take a look at our article “Getting married abroad – the guide”  or be inspired by our photo story “Getting married in Holland on the beach” !