Celebrate silver wedding – celebrate 25 years of marriage

he “Silver Wedding” is a great occasion to celebrate. After the “White Wedding”, the day of the wedding 25 years ago and the “Golden Wedding”, which can be celebrated in another 25 years, it is a special moment in a married life. The Silver Wedding describes a summit point in a partnership from which a great […]

Top 15 songs for wedding music in church (moving in, changing rings, moving out)

Hymns are the most important pieces of music at the wedding if you marry in church. Whether moving in, changing a ring or moving out – the traditional hymns create a festive atmosphere at your wedding and underline the importance of the wedding ceremony. But the question of which wedding music to play in the church […]

Make civil marriage ceremony festive

Only the civil wedding is legally binding. That is why it was a prerequisite for church marriages until 2009. Since then, however, a church wedding has also been possible without the civil wedding. However, this wedding ceremony is not legally binding. You can register no earlier than six months before your desired wedding date. However, some registry offices offer […]

Registration for marriage in the registry office

In Germany and Austria, you can usually register your marriage at the marriage registration office as early as 6 months before the day. For popular appointments or locations, it is said that newlyweds line up overnight in front of the registration desk. Therefore, you should not wait too long before registering in the registry. Especially […]

The most important questions before the wedding

Before you start planning for your wedding, you should clarify the following basic questions or important points. Our tip: When answering all questions, keep the motto in mind “Marry as YOU want!” . When do we want to get married? An important question before the wedding is choosing the right date. It is not always easy. The “right” date depends entirely […]

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Appear Fashionable Every Single Day Using This Type Of Style Guidance

  It isn’t . simple building a professional clothing collection. There are a variety of things concerned, including colour, cost, access and fabric. If you use what you’ve acquired after reading most of this short article, you’ll usually be prepared for a proper celebration. The greater portion of your fashion money need to concentrate on […]