Save the date cards for the wedding

You cansee a nice example of a classic save the date postcard above. We have also answered the most important questions about save-the-date cards and will show you other wonderful examples. formal dresses for women

1. What does save the date mean?

These wedding cards are the first “official” written message that you are engaged and are getting married.

If you translate Save the Date in German, it means something like: “Save the date”. Your wedding guests are therefore asked to note your wedding day and keep it free in the calendar so that no other date comes in between. So you can celebrate your wedding celebration with as many of your loved ones as possible!

When it comes to save the date cards, it is important to let the guests of your wedding know when you want to get married as early as possible. The details of the celebrations are initially irrelevant.

2. When should you send save the date cards?

The save the date cards are one of the first to-dos in wedding planning and should be sent as early as possible.

The earlier you send the cards, the sooner your wedding guests can actually keep the date free.

If you already have the exact dates for the wedding  then of course you no longer need to send save the date cards. In this case, send out the right wedding cards right away.

However, if the exact dates have not been determined for a long time, your guests will be very grateful for an advance notice with a cute save-the-date card.

Especially if the wedding date falls within the usual vacation times. It would be annoying if you sent out your wedding invitations and half of the guests had to find out that they had already booked their vacation that day.

3. How do you send save-the-date cards?

First, you have to decide whether you want to buy pre-made cards or have personalized cards printed. This is primarily a question of the budget and how important the individual design is to you. If you value uniform wedding stationery, you should choose the design well and keep this style.

Standard cards

You can buy simple save the date cards for the wedding from well-stocked online shops or print shops, such as this example from the Yes wedding shop  (10 items: € 6.50).

They are prefabricated and just need to be filled out. Enter your names and the date and they can be sent to your guests.

But even with this variant, make sure that the selected cards fit the planned style of your wedding. Whether vintage, retro, hippie or country house – this card makes the first impression with your guests and should therefore go with what your family and friends can expect at the party.

Save-the-date cards on Amazon

Have Save the Date cards printed

In order to preserve the style of the wedding, it is nicer to have the cards printed in the same style that the invitation cards should have later. Choose the card design carefully, because it should then run like a red thread through your wedding (place cards, menu cards, thank you cards, etc.).

Since the themes of save the date cards vintage and kraft paper are very popular, you will find many different designs from the card providers. In addition, the postcard format is very practical and therefore a classic.

4. What do you write on save-the-date cards?

It’s best to keep the save the date text short and simple. You can use the following text as a template.

  • We are getting married! Please keep the XX.XX.XXXX free. More detailed information will follow shortly.
  • Keep the XX.XX.XXXX free because we’re getting married! We will send you information about the time and place soon.
  • Reserve this day for us: We are getting married on XX.XX.XXXX. A detailed invitation with all information follows.

You can see more suggestions for the Save the Date text on the sample cards at the end of the article.

It is also a great idea to show a creative pop art portrait or caricature of the bride and groom on the save the date card instead of a normal photo .

Funny save the date sayings are also possible.

Save the date postcard – the advantage

There are many unusual and great formats for the save the date card, but the classic postcard format is probably the most cost-effective variant in terms of shipping. All you need is a € 0.60 stamp. In addition, you don’t need any envelopes.

5. Can we send invitations with Save the Date online?

To save on printing and postage costs, you can of course also send save the date messages online. Here are a few options:

Save the date email

First of all, you should formulate the subject line as meaningfully as possible so that your save the date e-mail is also noticed directly. This can be, for example:

  • Save the Date: Max and Anna are getting married!
  • Max & Anna get married – keep our date free!
  • Married couple Mustemann: Here comes our wedding date …

In the save the date email itself, you can simply enter a short text, as we will see in section “4. What do you write on save-the-date cards? ”. A photo of you with some text is a little nicer and more personal (see next paragraph).

Save the date picture

To send your save the date message online in a professional way, you can also have a picture made for you. Your data will be inserted into a beautifully designed picture and you can send it via jpg or PDF. You can have such a save the date graphic made on Etsy, for example .

Save the date online via the wedding website

For those who want to keep it a little cheaper and also don’t have their postal addresses ready, the free Save the Date homepage is ideal. For example, you can easily create them at WeddyBird and also query / update the postal addresses of the guests. Very convenient!

You then simply send the link to your wedding website via Whatsapp, email, messenger or similar.

For those who don’t have time but a little more budget, a professionally designed and supervised wedding website is ideal!

Have a website designed for the wedding according to your wishes and use the elegant version of an online save the date card.

The practical thing: There is an integrated form in which the guests enter their contact details. All current addresses and any additional information that you can query are collected in an Excel list and clearly arranged for you. So you can easily send the personal invitation cards later and plan the details. long sleeve formal dresses

6. How do we make the save the date invitation extraordinary?

Save the date as a boarding pass

This unusual save the date card in the form of a boarding pass is ideal for all bridal couples who love to travel or those who are even getting married abroad.

This gives the invitation a personal touch.

Delicious save the date surprise

Those with a sweet tooth who want to surprise their guests with a special save the date invitation do not send a save the date card or postcard, but a save the date biscuit on which you can announce the date of your wedding.

7. Video to save the date card

8. Save the date wedding card examples