The morning gift – our top 30 ideas for gifts to the bride or groom

The traditional custom of the morning gift is a special gift originally given by the groom to his bride on the morning after the wedding for financial security.

Today the morning gift comes in different forms and with more romantic intentions – it is certain that where something is given away, there are happy faces. The best prerequisite for a beautiful wedding custom.

Are you looking for a nice wedding present for your husband or wife? Here we have put together our favorite bride and groom gifts.

Modifications of the traditional morning gift

  • Not only the groom gives presents to the bride. A gift for the groom from the bride is also one of the special gifts for the partner on the morning after the wedding. For example, you can put the gift for your groom under the pillow.
  • The special gift can also be given as a lucky charm on the morning of the wedding day. 
    If you don’t see each other in the morning, exchange the morning gift beforehand or have the groomsmen present it – a great start to the wedding day.
  • The morning gift should be handed over well and nicely packaged, for example with a self-made gift tag in the shape of a heart . Or you can design a nice gift tag in our card shop .
  • If you don’t want to give a present, you can surprise your loved one with a wedding promotion. Here we have the “Top 5 ideas: Surprise for the groom from the bride – or vice versa”

The top 30 gifts as a morning gift

Are you looking for a gift for the groom from the bride or vice versa? Here you can find out which gift is suitable for the husband at the wedding or vice versa. We have put together some ideas for the morning gift for you.

1. Your love story in book form

The perfect gift for WhatsApp couples: You don’t write romantic love letters, but with your WhatsApp chats you could compete with Romeo and Juliet?

Then a personal book from your WhatsApp conversations is a creative and surprising idea for the morning gift. Your own love story, a personal “How I met your mother”, from the first date to the wedding – in your own words and with all your pictures, that will be very well received!

2. Funny emergency package as a morning gift for the wedding

A funny morning gift for the wedding day or a surprise for the groom from the bride:

Put together a first aid kit as a gift for the groom (or the bride).

It can contain, for example, deodorant against sweat, socks against cold feet (e.g. from Amazon ), a schnapps for the nerves ( individually designed ) and an embroidered handkerchief for tears of joy (e.g. from Etsy ).

By the way: You can easily make the socks against cold feet yourself with our free  “DIY: Banderole against cold feet to print out” !

3. Elegant watches

Give time with the “Infinity” watches for men and women. A fashionable reminder of the most beautiful day in life and a sign of infinity.

The Scandinavian watches from Nordgreen Copenhagen are not only the perfect gift for the bride, but also go great with the wedding suit.

A great bonus: each watch supports a social project and helps children in need, for example.

4. Many reasons why I love you

It is very romantic and a great token of love when you put these reasons on paper. For example in a personalized heart-shaped metal box or an individual cookie jar.

One can then be opened every day and it will definitely put a smile on the face of your loved one.

5. Declaration of love on canvas

An original form of declaration of love is the voiceprint, in which your voice is immortalized on canvas.

Whether a “I love you!” Or a personal message – you simply record your voice, upload the file and a work of art is made from the individual sound waves of your voice.

6. Relationship crossword puzzle

You have known each other for a long time, have experienced a lot, funny “insiders” that only you understand and dreams that connect you. It is precisely these special moments that can be wonderfully summarized in individual questions and answers of a personalized crossword puzzle.

7. Immortalize your message of love in space

You swear eternal love to one another – a special moment that you can immortalize in space. Send a text, picture and / or video into space by infrared laser and fly through the universe at the speed of light for all eternity.

You can follow the individual message online at any time on your eternal journey past many interesting milestones. As a reminder, you can design a suitable poster that will make your home together even more personal. Ecological plus: With every order, about 19 times more greenhouse gases are neutralized through reforestation than are emitted during production and shipping.

8. Soundtrack of your love

Kind of retro, but totally cute!

Burn your sweetheart a CD with the songs that have accompanied you so far and create an individual cover for it.

Doesn’t cost anything, just a little time and effort – which will certainly be rewarded with a radiance.

Idea: You can use this to develop your own personal wedding custom: Give away a CD like this on every round wedding anniversary!

9. The starry sky at a special moment

The starry sky when getting to know each other, first date, first kiss, marriage proposal or the wedding day itself – it should be recorded! For this purpose, software verified by astronomers calculates the position of the stars at a desired date, time and place. Then you personalize your starry sky poster and wait for the shining eyes when giving it away.

10. To smooch: Sensual gift for groom from bride

A kissable mouth immortalized as a mural with a saying or a declaration of love – a romantic and sensual gift at the same time!

Perfect to hang in the bedroom and keep thinking about the wedding kisses.

11. Jewelry

The classic among bridal gifts should not be missing. Whether necklace, bracelet or ring for you; Cufflinks , tie pins or a watch for him – jewelry is always possible and, with the appropriate engraving, can also be a very personal gift.

Classic bridal gifts are a necklace or earrings for the wedding.

Our tip for the groom: If the morning gift is to be a present that the bride should wear at the wedding, it is advisable to take the maid of honor with you when buying it. After all, only she knows what the wedding dress looks like and can give you good advice on the selection.

12. Personalized hip flask

Still an accessory for gentlemen : the hip flask.

For a wedding it is a funny gimmick that can calm the nerves or just serves as a funny photo motif.

In any case, such a wedding anniversary gift for the man is a nice memory of the special day.

13. Key to my heart

It couldn’t get more romantic on the wedding morning. With this individually engraved key to your heart, you will definitely surprise your future loved ones.

A beautiful symbol on the wedding day and the ideal wedding anniversary gift for your wife!

14. Ballpoint pen with a new name

A great present on the morning of the wedding: a ballpoint pen with the new name. Of course you can also get a ballpoint pen for both spouses – after all, on this day you have the most important signature in life in front of you. A specially engraved ballpoint pen for the occasion is a great memory!

15. Reminder box for the wedding

A personalized souvenir box is a magical gift, especially as a morning gift. So you can put all the beautiful moments in the box on the wedding day yourself and later enjoy the many little things.

How about your little notes, a few giveaways or maybe even a strip of paper with your wedding perfume …

16. Wedding books as souvenirs

Books are really nice morning gifts. Especially when they make you laugh in the pre-wedding nervousness or touch you with personal words.

We love wedding books too, that’s why we’re introducing you to a few copies.

17. Sensational evening as a married couple

Your first night out as a married couple should be something special?

Then give away a show voucher for musicals, concerts or comedy shows and make this evening an unforgettable event.

18. Romantic heart pillow with photos

Perfect for your cozy hours as a married couple: You can design this heart pillow individually using 15 beautiful and modern templates.

19. Chocolate massage

Sweet and erotic at the same time – a voucher for a chocolate massage will surely fill your future partner with anticipation!

Especially ideal as a morning gift for the groom (with a view to the wedding night).

20. Another sweet idea: The “100 Things” book

21. Picture box as a morning gift

What better way to prepare for the upcoming wedding than to visualize the relationship again?

Relive your most beautiful moments and immortalize them in a chic picture box.

22. Couple key rings

Chic key rings for couples are practical and romantic at the same time. A beautiful symbol for the common home as a married couple.

23. Self-designed flower pot

A wonderful morning gift for the bride and must-have for every flower fan! You can design a flower pot according to your wishes from countless super beautiful templates.

24. Favorite person cup

What message could be nicer than telling the other that he is your favorite person? 

This sweet cup “favorite person” will inspire your sweetheart every morning and put a smile on their face. A nice example of a small wedding gift for a husband or wife.

25. Photo magnets as bridal gifts

All women are enthusiastic about having their favorite photos hanging on the fridge.

That’s why the bride surprises her wedding with these great retro magnets.

26. Photo puzzle with message or voucher

A cute idea for puzzle fans is a photo puzzle with a special message and the most beautiful photos.

You can also hand over a voucher as a photo puzzle and surprise your wife or husband with it.

27. Cozy gift for the bride or groom’

Because you are the love of my life!” – a reason that couldn’t be better suited to the wedding day!

Surprise the bride or future spouse with this beautiful pillow and enjoy even more romantic cuddling hours.

28. Small bride present with a message

29. The classic: a personal love letter

Written by hand on beautiful paper in the classic way, women’s hearts melt away with such a love letter!

A love letter is a real classic when it comes to gifts for the bride.

If you want to be inspired by a suitable love quote, you will find many examples in our articles “The most beautiful love sayings and “Sayings for a wedding” 

and “Sayings for a wedding” .

30. Love lock

As a symbol of your inseparability, you can attach your personal love lock to a bridge or fence and throw the key into the water together. With the idea for this, it is best to give away an individual lock, for example with a photo and / or engraving.

You can find many beautiful love locks and more information about them in our article.

31. Scratch booklet with individual messages

A nice little wedding present for the husband or wife is this ruble calendar that you can design yourself.

Integrate messages, vouchers etc. and your partner can look forward to a nice surprise every month of the first year of marriage! semi formal dresses

32. Romantic trip for two

Whether it’s a city trip or the next visit to your favorite hotel – some time for two is always nice! Just have a look at Secret Escapes (you will find great bargains there!)