The most important questions before the wedding

Before you start planning your wedding, you should clarify the following basic questions and important points.

When do we want to get married?

An important question before the wedding is choosing the right date. It’s not always easy. The “right” date depends entirely on your own wishes: Do you value nice weather because you would like to celebrate outdoors or because of the wedding photos in the bright sun? Maybe a romantic winter wedding is just right for you?

Or do you have certain professional obligations that only allow a certain time window? Often there is also a particularly symbolic date (e.g. 10th anniversary of getting to know each other) on which the wedding is to take place. In any case, announce the date in good time so that your guests can prepare for it!

Vacation trips are also often booked with an enormous amount of lead time. If you don’t have a desired date, but a specific time window, then it is best to clarify the individual dates with the people you definitely want to have with you on your most beautiful day. All guests will not be able to appear anyway, so it is always very difficult to reconcile the scheduling obligations of so many people.

If you prefer a certain location, this must be taken into account when planning your appointment.  Many beautiful locations are booked out 12 months in advance. Also make sure that the pastor / priest and the church are available if you want to marry in church.

Tip: We have listed the tops & flops of the wedding dates 2019 and 2020  for you. You can also find the most popular wedding months  according to a Facebook survey on our blog.

As soon as the date is set, you should also book the other service providers. You can find an overview of suitable specialists in your area in our business directory.

Do we also want to marry in church?

Another important question before the wedding: You should determine as soon as possible whether you only  want a civil wedding or a church wedding . Alternative without a church: a free wedding . We have a nice example for you as a photo story in our article “Celebrating your wedding very romantically without a church” .

This decision is important for further planning – the time planning and possibly also the location search depends on it.

You should also consider whether civil and church weddings should take place on the same day.

Since many registry offices do not offer Saturday weddings, especially in cities, the civil ceremony can be scheduled a few days before the church wedding.

More and more newlyweds let months or even years pass between the two dates.

Some couples want to be legally married (for tax reasons or maybe because of possible children), but want to wait until they have saved some money before the big party.

It is also possible that you have no special connection to the official church or belong to different denominations or religions. Nevertheless, you don’t want to do without a solemn ceremony? There is also a solution for this. Freelance theologians who carry out a more or less religious wedding according to your wishes – either in a church or in unusual places.

How big do we want to celebrate?

One of the most important questions about a wedding is of course the number of guests. After all, you have to choose the location. At the same time, it is also one of the most difficult questions. How widely should be invited? That becomes independent quickly and you are already with 300 guests …

First, think about who you really want to have with you – parents, siblings, grandparents, close friends, etc. Of course you don’t want to disappoint anyone, but it is definitely worth considering whether the aunt you have seen maybe twice in your life and who will you have no other contact, really have to be invited to the wedding. Nobody can make the decision for you, so give yourself enough time to put together the guest list.

Do you have many friends, who want to include her, one might Polterabend the solution. Then the actual wedding can be smaller and everyone who is not invited can celebrate with you at the hen party in a relaxed atmosphere.

From 100 to 150 guests the search for a location will be more difficult, you should be aware of that.

But there are also very nice rooms for large celebrations – let us help you find a wedding service in your region. A wedding planner of this size may be worthwhile . You can find wedding planners in your area in the business directory .

ALTERNATIVE: For those who want to escape the hustle and bustle, a wedding for two can be just the thing.

Where do we want to celebrate?

If you both come from different areas or even countries or do not live in your home country, the question of the wedding location often arises. Where should the wedding even take place? At the current place of residence, in the hometown of the bride and / or groom or maybe somewhere else?

Just think about where there is / could be a wedding location that meets your ideas. Perhaps you have a special connection to a church and would like to be married there. Or there is a particularly beautiful registry office in one place. Consider how many guests might have to travel from afar and need an overnight stay.

Or do you want to escape the hustle and bustle and combine the wedding with the honeymoon? The wedding in the beach  is becoming more popular in times of cheap flights. Many travel agents and wedding planners can help with this. An adventure wedding can also be the right thing, maybe you would like to  “get married differently – in Australia or New Zealand” .

In case you want to get married under the stars or marry in nature, then our guide articles read to ” wedding ceremony outdoors ” and ” outdoor wedding ” – then one would Hochzeitswetter insurance a good idea. You can also find beautiful examples of special locations in our photo story “Getting married on a vineyard” and “Bright & natural: The greenhouse wedding” .

Even if it sounds banal, the wedding day should be the most beautiful day of your life – that’s why you should feel completely at ease where you get married.

In what style do we want to get married?

This question about the wedding may seem strange to you. But there are so many possibilities that you should start thinking about them. Should it be rather simple, rural, romantic, magnificent, unusual? The bride and groom do not always agree directly.

In our article “Beautiful wedding  styles and color concepts for the wedding” we show you which styles are possible – here you can get inspiration!

The selection of the locality and the place in general is of course closely related to this question. How about a romantic castle, a fairytale castle, or should it be your favorite cozy restaurant or an elegant hotel? A rustic barn would also be conceivable.

Are you still missing the brilliant idea? Perhaps you will find something in our business directory or you can contact a wedding service.

If you  decide on a somewhat more unusual  theme wedding – for example in a medieval style or western look – you should inform the guests in good time so that they can then adjust their wardrobe accordingly.

Our tip: As soon as you have determined the style of the wedding, you should also adjust the wedding stationery (from the save-the-date to the thank you card)!

How much money can / would we like to spend?

This is a tiresome but very important question about the wedding. The cost of a wedding is often underestimated. Therefore, you should think about what you want to spend right at the beginning. Will the parents possibly contribute to the costs? Clarify this as early as possible so that you can plan accordingly, also with regard to the engagement party .

Checks every decision, regardless of location, menu, music, other entertainment, clothing, flowers, freelance theologian , etc. always with an eye on the budget in order to always have the costs under control.

Your dream wedding may not be feasible in every detail with your budget. In this case, think carefully about the points at which you are ready to make compromises. The wedding doesn’t have to be any less dreamy. You don’t want to start your new life together with debts either. Small things such as tips, ring pillows, guest books etc. are easily forgotten in the cost planning.

You should also plan at least the same amount for drinks as for the menu, so that you don’t get a nasty surprise at this point.

Remember that, for example, a lot of water is drunk on a hot day or that in the evening a few rounds of schnapps come together or one or the other wine bottle is destroyed.

You can download a budget planner for your wedding here .

wedding loan may also be an option for you. In any case, you should also consider whether a wedding cancellation insurance makes sense for you – we will tell you in the article on wedding insurance for whom it is recommended and who can do without it.

When these questions have been clarified, you can start planning more precisely and look around for a location, church, band etc. cheap formal dresses online

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