This Couple is Getting Married 38 Times Around the World in 83 Days

For most couples, planning one wedding is enough of a challenge — but not for acrobats Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard, who are planning 38 spectacular ceremonies around the world!

After meeting at an acrobatics training session, “we were immediately ‘together’ and it always felt like it was meant to be,” said Platt. Exactly one year later, Platt proposed in a “magical affair including 50 of our friends and all of our immediate family, a fully choreographed flash mob style dance routine, professional stage lighting, perfectly timed musical crescendo with the proposal speech, and literally ‘flying’ Rhiann from the floor to the balcony (cirque du soleil style), where she got to watch the whole proposal unfold before her! It was quite a production.”

When this Los Angeles-based couple found out how much it’d cost to host their wedding in their hometown, they decided to put the money to better use and travel around the world, having a wedding ceremony in each location. “We wanted to hit every continent, and we wanted to go around the world. But that’s the only criteria we kept to. Everything else was determined by sale ticket price, cheaper travel routes, and random good luck with prices online,” said Platt. They’ve exchanged vows 22 times in eight countries, with four more countries and 16 more ceremonies on the itinerary.

“We didn’t want to spend a lot of money for a single day,” Platt told the Huffington Post. “This wedding, three months around the world with unbelievable adventures… is cheaper than throwing a good — not even ‘great,’ not even ‘epic,’ just a ‘good’ — wedding in California for one day.”

Check out some of the amazing photos from their adventure:

Ajanta Caves in Maharashtra, India:


















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