Tips, ideas & inspiration for the after wedding shoot

At the After Wedding Shooting you can take beautiful photos of the couple in wedding dress and wedding suit any day after the wedding. You can be styled again, can take great pictures in a relaxed atmosphere at your desired location – if that doesn’t sound seductive! formal dresses online

We have the most important information, tips and inspiration on the subject of after-wedding shooting!

1. When is an after wedding shoot done?

Often there is not enough time for a relaxed couple shoot on the wedding day itself. You don’t want to keep your guests waiting too long, the perfect photo location is too far away, the time of day (often noon) is unsuitable for beautiful pictures or the photographer was a real failure? There are many reasons in favor of an after wedding shoot.

Whether you do the after wedding shoot the day after your wedding or a year later is entirely up to you. When do you have desire, time and little stress? When does your favorite photographer have time? Where and in what mood should the photos be taken – with the October sun in the forest or the summer mood by the lake? Decide individually when the right time for your after wedding shoot is!

Our tip: Your favorite picture from the after wedding shoot is of course ideal for the thank you cards. In this case, keep in mind that it is not too far off. Even if a pregnancy is planned, you should rather implement the photo shoot promptly.

In terms of time, you should plan at least 2 hours for the couple shoot after the wedding. It is best to discuss your wishes with the photographer and decide together on the scope of the after wedding shoot. How can you pose during the couple shooting? Let our photo story “Tips, ideas and examples for your couple shoot” inspire you.

By the way: With the light conditions outdoors, the best time for beautiful wedding pictures is early morning or later afternoon (approx. 2-3 hours before sunset

2. Who takes the after wedding pictures?

If you were satisfied with your wedding photographer, he / she is also the ideal contact for the after-wedding shoot.

However, if your wedding photographer did not really suit you or if you want to take the pictures after the wedding in a more remote location such as abroad, look for the after-wedding photographer where you want to do the shoot. Local photographers simply know the area best and you don’t have to pay a long journey.

3. After-wedding shoot ideas

1. Honeymoon shoot

Book a small shoot for after wedding photos during your honeymoon. So you can dress up again in the honeymoon and have dream photos taken on a dream beach, in your favorite city or during your honeymoon adventure. You can see how great the photos on the beach can be in our photo story “Getting married in the Seychelles … like in paradise!” .

2. Trash-the-dress pictures

3. Accessories & Effects

Accessories are very helpful to get into the shoot relaxed. Think about what connects you and what you would like to immortalize in the photos. Otherwise, hats, umbrellas and sunglasses are very popular accessories.

For an atmospheric atmosphere you can use smoke bombs , which conjure up a (colorful) fog behind you.

4. Inspirations for the after wedding shoot

On the high seas

Your honeymoon or a special vacation are ideal for your after-weddingshooting! Here, for example, the bridal couple rented a catamaran in Greece (Santorini). A special day for two that is professionally recorded. A wonderful memory! formal dresses with sleeves

When practicing a hobby or other personal passions