Top 15 songs for wedding music in church (moving in, changing rings, moving out)

Hymns are the most important pieces of music at the wedding if you marry in church. Whether moving in, changing a ring or moving out – the traditional hymns create a festive atmosphere at your wedding and underline the importance of the wedding ceremony.

But the question of which wedding music to play in the church is not an easy one. There is a large selection of songs for church wedding ceremonies.

So that you can find the right answer and the perfect music for your wedding, we have collected the most beautiful wedding songs for the church and provided them with audio samples. Whether songs for the wedding for the move in, blessing song for the wedding or songs for the move out after the wedding – here you can be inspired!

1. Wedding music in the church – who sings / plays it?

There is an organ in most churches and the organist will be happy to play the songs you want for the church wedding. Be sure to speak to him in good time so that he can still practice.

If you know an organist yourself, it is often possible that he will play on the church organ after consultation, possibly as accompaniment for a soloist. Find the songs for the wedding in the church together. Organists have a feeling for which songs go well with the wedding ceremony.

Perhaps you would also like to ask the local church choir if they would like to provide the musical accompaniment for your wedding ceremony.

Christian wedding songs usually belong to the standard repertoire of a church choir. The singers will be happy to enrich your celebration.

In any case, talk to the pastor in good time about how the wedding music should be played in the church and whether your ideas can be realized in this church (electricity, amplification system, etc.).

Here is a nice example of what a great atmosphere creates live music in the church!

2. Wedding songs for moving in

Here we have put together some beautiful wedding songs for moving in the bride and groom.

Tip: If you would like to have the move-in, wedding ceremony and the like underpinned with certain wedding songs, speak openly with the pastor. There are classics in wedding enema music, but you won’t be forced to use them. Your day, your music!

Mendelssohn: wedding march

Some bridal couples want a wedding song to move in that is classic and well known. The wedding march is the undisputed classic of songs for moving in at the wedding, with icing on the cake by the combination of trumpet and organ.

Clarke: Trumpet Fanfare

Just like in a fairy tale: wedding songs like this make moving in or moving out truly royal.

Bach: Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desiring

Nice entry song for the wedding in the church.

Pachelbel’s Canon

A calm but beautiful song for entering the church for the wedding.

Widor: Toccata in F minor

The bride prefers to go faster and with verve? Then wedding songs are needed to enter the church that are lively, like this example.

3. Wedding songs to exchange rings

Bach: Sinfonia from Cantata No. 156

Nice for the ring exchange, in addition to the organ also very festive on the trumpet.

Handel: Sonatina in F major

Good church music for ring exchange, for example on the flute with piano accompaniment

Bach: Air

Ideal as a hymn for the exchange of rings, also beautiful on the violin.

Handel: Largo from “Xerxes”

Suitable for ring exchange or moving out and very nice for example on piano and cello.

Corelli: Sarabande

Calm and melodic – ideal for exchanging rings.

4. Blessing songs for the wedding

Lord, please come and bless us

5. Songs for moving out of the church

Bach: Fugue and Prelude

Nice example of wedding songs for moving out, but also suitable for moving in and exchanging rings.

Lemmens: Fanfare in D major

Hymn for a royal exodus. So the bride feels like a princess when she leaves the church after the wedding!

Handel: Hallelujah

A classic hymn for excerpt, very beautiful in the choral version.

6. Modern wedding songs in the church

If you don’t like the traditional hymns so well at the wedding, you can of course also discuss whether modern wedding songs or a mixture of both can be played. Many wedding song classics also sound great when played on the organ, giving them a festive, ecclesiastical touch.

Tips from our Facebook group:

Basically you can use the songs as wedding music, but the songs are also suitable for moving out of the church. When you listen, just close your eyes and imagine that you are in the church. Which wedding song suits you for moving in or moving out? It should just feel good!

7. Church wedding songs – research details


Once you have selected the music for the wedding ceremony, it is your turn to plan in detail. At least three church wedding songs are played. So you need at least three songs for entering the church, for exchanging rings and for moving out. Of course there is also the possibility to play other hymns in between.

Professional singers and musicians usually have scores for the most popular wedding hymns. If you want something more unusual or if friends / acquaintances who will play music do not have the grades, you would have to take care of the procurement yourself.

If you are lucky, you can get the scores of the songs for the church wedding on the Internet or in a music store. Many municipal libraries also have a music library with a very large repertoire of music books. So the search there can definitely be worthwhile.

The luxury variant: the gospel choir sings the hymns

The wedding songs in the church can of course also be sung by a gospel choir.

It all depends on how you want to organize the church wedding: a gospel choir is stirring, groovy, modern and therefore does not suit every wedding. For a country wedding, for example, you should avoid it.

Also ask the pastor beforehand, since he should agree to a gospel choir as background music. semi formal dresses

A gospel choir is of course more expensive than a single classical singer because a lot more people have to be engaged. But there are also individual gospel singers, some of whom also master the classical section and thus allow a good mix. A gospel choir that can sing the hymns for your wedding can be found in our directory in the category DJs and bands .