Wedding album for the best memories – comparison of providers, information & tips

The wedding album is certainly THE memento of your lavish wedding party. So that you can still enjoy it in years to come, we would like to give you some tips and ideas for designing your wedding photo album. formal dresses online

With some wedding photographers , the wedding album is automatically offered as well. Such high-quality wedding albums are of course made very professionally – just ask. If your photographer doesn’t offer this, you’ve come to the right place!

1. General tips: Create a photo album for the wedding

In addition to the many tips, we would like to give you two special tips in advance if your wedding is not over. Then you will find the general ideas and photo book examples.

In addition to your classic bridal couple photo shoot, a few funny photos with groomsmen and guests should not be missing in the wedding album! You will find lots of inspiration and examples in our detailed article.

Collecting and sharing the wedding pictures is actually very easy if you have the appropriate tools. We can recommend a wedding photo app that can be easily used by your guests and thus all pictures are automatically collected in one place. So you don’t have to run after the pictures after the wedding …

Even if you have hundreds of wonderful pictures of you as a bride and groom and your wedding party – less is more! The photo album shouldn’t be a boring sequence of all pictures with the same motif, but rather a reminder of the most beautiful moments from your wedding.

Limit yourself to the best pictures as much as possible, because then the photo album will be a great memento that you will always enjoy looking at.

Wedding pictures only come into their own in full size. However, you should then make sure that the photos were taken in a very high resolution so that the quality is still right in the end.

Most photo book providers have a traffic light system, by which you can see whether the quality of the images is sufficient for the size of the photo album. For the cell phone pictures of your guests, you should probably do without large images (e.g. on the double page) and then simply create a collage.

Browsing through your wedding album should be interesting and fun because you will look at it often and you will definitely show it to other people. With different image sizes (e.g. with individual large photo motifs on one page) and also cropped or square images you bring excitement to your wedding album.

If you want to create a very professional-looking wedding album, then make sure that there is no bulge in the middle of the pages and no misalignment in the binding (as with most photo books). It is better to use a photo book in which the pages lie flat (layflat flat binding) and thus pictures can look wonderful over the entire page!

Make sure that the pictures fit together thematically on the double pages and that the timing is right. If you want to record everything in a wedding photo book, you can start with the preparations for the wedding or the JGA pictures and end the album with the trash-the-dress photos.

You can then easily reproduce the wedding album created online for other people (parents, parents-in-law, best man, etc.) if necessary. The wedding photo book is also ideal as a thank you for helping with the celebration or as a Christmas present.

It is great when you always look at the wedding photo album with your family on the future wedding days and indulge in memories …

2. Design a wedding album – comparison of providers

A photo book as a wedding album looks particularly beautiful and you can easily create it online. Sometimes software is also available for download so that you can design the wedding photo book even without an internet connection.

You don’t necessarily have to have a creative streak:  some photo book providers even provide backgrounds for the wedding photo album and you can easily create a wedding photo book with great designs with an automatic creation mode. In most cases, almost no design knowledge is necessary.

Most of the time, the photo book software is so intuitive that after a few minutes you understand the applications and can get started. Often there is also a photo book assistant with the help of which you can automatically design the photo album and thus save a lot of time.

Our favorites for your wedding photo book

Regardless of whether it’s a hardcover photo book or a softcover photo book – we can recommend the following providers for your wedding album design:

Easy to understand photo book software, large selection of photo books and top quality. Another great idea is the quick photo book as a thank you for the wedding guests.

3. Buy tips for the wedding album (to stick in)

If you like to do handicrafts and want to get really creative, then you can of course make the wedding album yourself. Then you just have all the important wedding photos professionally printed and then stick them into a wedding album. A high-quality cover is of course also a visual highlight.

It is best if you already know how many photos you want to stick in, so that you can then buy the wedding album in the appropriate size.formal dresses with sleeves