Wedding dress – shapes, cuts and choice of accessories

“You look so beautiful!” – This is exactly the sentence every bride would like to hear when her future husband sees her in her wedding dress for the first time. A magical moment for which you are looking for the perfect dress.

But what does the perfect wedding dress look like? Different for everyone!

That is why we have put together everything about wedding dresses for you. What shapes are there for the wedding dress? For which figure is which wedding dress suitable? What color do I choose for my wedding dress? Which bridal veil goes with it and which bridal shoes? You will find the answer to these questions with us and will surely come a lot closer to your dream dress for the wedding. We have tips for buying online in our article “Buy wedding dress online – 6 tips for your dream dress” for you.

Anyone who stumbles into the bridal fashion shop without a plan is overwhelmed. So many shapes, whites, cuts and accessories …

It’s best to go shopping with a pretty good idea of ​​what your wedding dress should look like. If you want to browse online, you can find a large selection of new and used wedding dresses at – also with the option of filtering cuts.

1. The classic: wedding dress with A-line

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The A-line dress is the classic form among the wedding dress cuts. The figure-hugging top (often as a corset) merges into a slightly flared skirt and conjures up a great silhouette.

The advantage: The wedding dress with A-line is advantageous for practically every figure – for small and large, with feminine curves or smaller bust sizes. Wedding dresses with A-line are very popular and versatile in terms of decoration and co.

If you are looking for an A-line wedding dress, you will find it in every bridal shop, then the classic cut is represented in every collection and offers a lot of choice.

The wedding dress with an A-line is often strapless, but necklaces, wider straps or a submarine neckline also go well with the A-line (here the matching bridal lingerie is very important for a great cleavage).

The wedding dress with halter neck and deeper neckline is ideal for little brides, as it stretches optically.

A medium-length bridal veil is suitable for this – not too embellished if the dress already has many embellishments. Elbow length gloves also go with a very elegant dress.

Unfortunately, there is not much to see of bridal shoes in A-line wedding dresses. A little more heel never hurts, it’s best to use sandals or the classic bridal shoe: closed pumps with a narrow heel.

Wedding dress with A-line for the classic type: for every figure – forms a beautiful silhouette – stretches optically.

2. Pompous wedding dress: princess with Sissi charm


Pompous wedding dresses for the princess among you are cut in the so-called duchesse style. In addition to a figure-hugging top (often as a corset) comes a voluminous, bell-shaped skirt from waist height. In combination with a lush crinoline and / or train, princess wedding dresses are very romantic and eye-catching.

The bride should already have a slim waist for the princess wedding dress cut, but wider hips or thighs are optimally concealed. Small women are better off choosing a skirt with few embellishments for the wedding dress à la princess. If you have a smaller bust size, you can create more volume optically with wrap effects and decorations in the chest area.

These “Sissi wedding dresses” are very popular at large, pompous fairytale weddings , especially at a party in the appropriate ballroom.

Similar to the A-line, princess wedding dresses like to be off shoulder or with subtle straps. In addition, such extraordinary wedding dresses also need a slightly longer bridal veil, such as a fingertip veil, with a classic bridal hairstyle . Long gloves can be the icing on the cake for the princess dress, but look individually if they match your dress.

Here, too, the shoes are rarely used. With pumps you are well advised, but the main thing is that you feel comfortable and have fun all day long.

Princess-style wedding dress for the romantic type: pompous for the big appearance – slim waist is an advantage – flattering for problem areas on the buttocks and legs.

3. Daring: mermaid-shaped wedding dresses


The so-called mermaid wedding dress is similar in style to the sheath dress, the godet or fishtail shape: it is very figure-hugging, fits very closely to the chest, waist and buttocks and is only widely flared from the thigh or knee.

The feminine mermaid wedding dress fits slim brides in particular. Everyone else is advised against this wedding dress cut. Because wedding dresses that are inspired by the mermaid emphasize the curves very strongly – with this cut you should feel comfortable with your curves.

A floor-length bridal veil is often combined with a mermaid dress, but a modern hat can also look great. Most of your wedding shoes will disappear under your wedding dress, but you should still choose them carefully. Since the cut doesn’t exactly invite you to run, choose the shoes so that you can be sure of them.

Wedding dresses with a mermaid look for the extravagant type: Feminine cut – for tall, slim women – very elegant.

You can find more inspiration for the mermaid cut in our photo story “Mystical-beautiful: The mermaid wedding dress” .

4. Empire style: simple wedding dresses with flowing shapes

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Simple wedding dresses such as those with an empire cut are usually long, narrow cut, light and flowing. A short top (the seam is directly under the breast) becomes a narrow skirt with a simple cut, loosely and not too tight.

The simple wedding dress in the long version is ideal for tall brides. For short women, simple wedding dresses in the short version come into question and the empire shape is also ideal for a small breast. Brides with a large bust size are advised against an empire wedding dress because it emphasizes the bust size too much (unless this is what you wanted).

A wedding dress that is simply cut and hardly decorated can be staged with a striking or long bridal veil. The shoes should not stand out too much and should be chosen so that they are comfortable to wear.

The simple empire wedding dress is also suitable for pregnant brides. The stomach is loosely played around and presented beautifully.

Simple wedding dresses in empire style for the natural type: loose and light – suitable for many figure types, conceals problem areas on the belly – also for pregnant women.

5. Sexy wedding dress: short & casual


Short wedding dresses – whether as a mini dress, babydoll or with petticoat – are available in many styles, designs and styles. A short wedding dress means more freedom of movement for you and a clear view of your beautiful legs for everyone else. If wedding dresses are short, they can still be elegant, pompous or classically cut – the selection is huge!

A trend in short wedding dresses: short at the front, long at the back (mullet). What was worn on the head in the 80s is now popular as a wedding dress cut. Vokuhila wedding dresses are often unusual wedding dresses, just right for extravagant brides who want to cause a stir.

Short wedding dresses look good to me with short or medium length bridal veils. A short bridal veil that is worn in front of the face goes with short dresses in the 50s style (like a rockabilly wedding ): the birdcage. But also small accents in the hair, such as a headband, tiara or a flower are a nice highlight to simple, short wedding dresses.

Those who wear a short wedding dress also need particularly great shoes – after all, they really come into their own with a short skirt. High heels would be the first choice, but above all the bridal shoes have to match the style of the wedding dress. By the way, peep-toes also look good with almost every short wedding dress! White boots with striking lacing would also be conceivable.

You can find more information about the matching bridal shoes in our detailed article about bridal shoes .

Short wedding dresses for the casual type: cheeky & sexy – ideal for beautiful legs – for elegant but also casual wedding celebrations.

6. Wedding dress as a two-piece

A two-piece wedding dress usually consists of a corset and skirt. This division is practical if your wedding dress should have two colors, e.g. white corsage and colored skirt.

You are also more variable in terms of size with two-piece wedding dresses. Or you can not choose between two fabrics – no problem with the two-piece wedding dress.

You can wear the two-piece in different variations during the different celebrations (e.g. registry office and church, or church and party). The corset stays, the skirt changes or vice versa.

You can also wear your “wedding dress” even easier later if you cleverly combine the two parts.

The cut of two-piece wedding dresses is very different, just follow the above. This also applies to veils, bridal shoes and Co.

Wedding dress as a two-piece for the flexible type: great to combine – often in different colors – still wearable after the wedding.

7. Colored wedding dresses – red, black and Co.

In addition to the many white wedding dresses, a wedding dress that is colored is of course an eye-catcher. Whether red, black or blue – colored wedding dresses are “something different” and are also popular with more mature women who no longer want to marry in white.

The wedding dress in red

Red is love, red shows passion, red stands out – so why not a red wedding dress? From simple to sexy to pompous you will find many variations for red wedding dresses, but this color is definitely not for shy brides.

A compromise:

White-red wedding dresses, which may only have accents in red, such as a cute ribbon or some embroidery. The continuous white of the wedding dress is broken up a bit. The bridal bouquet  should of course match the colored wedding dress perfectly to give the whole a harmonious image.

The wedding dress in black

The combination of black and white is also popular for the slightly different wedding dress – black lace, a black band or black feathers spice up every wedding dress.
Do you like the black wedding dress? Here you will also find a very good selection, especially on the Internet. Black wedding dresses are a real eye catcher and very elegant.

Colored wedding dresses – even more choice

In addition to red and black, all other colors are of course also possible for the wedding dress. The main thing is that you like it! Blue, green, purple, pink, brown … you don’t have much choice here, but you will find some beautiful wedding dress models.

Just enter “wedding dress pink” or another desired color in the Google image search and let yourself be inspired by the offer.

A nice trend: Dip-Dye wedding dresses with colored hem. We have more inspirations for you in the article “Dip-Dye Wedding Dresses” .

8. What “white” for my wedding dress?

White is not the same as white – this can lead to perplexity when buying a wedding dress. Ivory, cream, ivory or snow white? The best way to decide is by what color type you are.

Warm and radiant: the spring type

Skin: peach, gold, ivory tones

  • Hair: golden / red blonde, red, medium brown
  • Eyes: blue, teal, light brown
  • Colors: orange-red, apricot, yellow, green

Color tip:
For the spring type, a wedding dress in light ivory or cream matches as well as eggshell.

Cool and covered: the summer type

Skin: light / rosy

  • Hair: ash blonde or brown
  • Eyes: light blue, blue, green blue, light brown
  • Colors: dove blue, mint green

Color tip:
A wedding dress in ecru, off-white, antique white goes with the summer type.

Warm and covered: the autumn type

Skin: peach, ivory, reddish, dark beige

  • Hair: red, maroon, dark brown, honey
  • Eyes: green blue, gold green, dark brown
  • Colors: curry, rust red, khaki

Color tip:
A wedding dress in ivory, cream, vanilla goes with the autumn type.

Cool and radiant: the winter type

Skin: white, porcelain, olive

  • Hair: brown or black
  • Eyes: green brown, brown
  • Colors: pink, royal blue, black

Color tip:
A wedding dress in brilliant snow white matches the winter type.

Wedding dresses in white and ivory

Do you like wedding dresses in white or ivory? Then you can find it here:

Search for wedding dresses in white and ivory now …

9. Special features and accessories for the wedding dress

With special embellishments you can upgrade your wedding dress a little. Depending on your taste, there are different options. The icing on the cake for an elegant bride is the bridal jewelry. You can read more about this in our article “Choosing the right bridal jewelry – tips & trends” .

If you have tattoos and are still unsure about showing them openly in your wedding dress: In the article ” In a wedding dress with a tattoo: tattooed brides are so beautiful ” we have the right photo story for you!

Wedding dress with lace

With the vintage trend , more and more lace is moving into wedding dress fashion . This ornament is particularly in demand at romantic weddings and is usually a great eye catcher.

If your wedding dress should have lace, you currently have a fairly large selection. Many designers love wedding dresses with lace – whether discreet or striking. Particularly popular: a wedding dress with a tattoo lace. That means the top of the wedding dress looks like a tattoo.

Wedding dress with sleeves

Whether short sleeves for spring or long sleeves for winter weddings  – wedding dresses with sleeves are not only practical, they also have that certain something.

Sleeves on the wedding dress conceal problem areas and look very romantic. Regardless of the length, whether short over the shoulders, t-shirt length, 3/4 or up to the wrist – the sleeves of the wedding dress are often made of lace, so as not to be bulky.

Wedding dress with train

Not very practical, but the princess dress is all the more princess-like. The length varies greatly and can be up to meters long.

However, you should never ignore the practical aspects. You should be able to move, sit and dance, but most of the tows can simply be put up.

Short, medium or long? With or without fingers? Made of lace or silk? You are spoiled for choice when it comes to bridal gloves.

Gloves are of course very classic and elegant. They are not the right thing for a casual wedding. Bridal gloves go very well with the princess dress. If you wear a pompous dress, the gloves should be discreet. With a simple wedding dress, the gloves can become an eye catcher. Finger-free gloves are popular because you don’t have to take them off when changing rings and they look great.

When it comes to material, it’s best to choose a fabric that feels comfortable on your skin: chiffon (see-through and good for summer), organza (see-through and shiny), velvet (warm and soft), satin (smooth and shiny), silk (shiny, but fragile), tip (nobler, but possibly scratchy on the skin).

Prefer vintage or classic? Bridal gloves come in all colors and styles. 

For many brides, a veil is simply part of the bridal outfit. The bridal veil is available in many lengths and different designs. Whether simple or fairly decorated – the bridal veil should be tailored to the wedding dress and should therefore only be taken care of at the end.

Further information can be found in the article “Bridal Veil – Short or Long?” .

If you want to wear something personal with your wedding dress, you can also make the veil yourself. A detailed video shows how to do it:

Not a must-have, but a very cute accessory is a wedding hanger.

Personalized hangers with the words “Bride”, “DAS DRESS” or personalized with your name are available from Etsy (from approx. € 1.50) .

Handbag for the bride

You certainly don’t need an ordinary handbag on your wedding day. But cell phones, cigarettes or other important items must also have their place.

Either you leave it to your maid of honor or you get a nice little handbag.

10. Wedding dresses for pregnant women

Of course, there are also beautiful wedding dresses for pregnant women. In recent years, bridal fashion for pregnant women has really blossomed. From the white, knee-length babydoll to the colored, floor-length empire dress, there is quite a lot to choose from.

The most difficult task: the size calculation, since you should purchase the dress a few months before the wedding. How big will the belly be?

For this reason, wedding dresses for pregnant women are usually in an empire cut that falls loosely under the breast and leaves plenty of space for the baby bump. After all, you should feel very comfortable in the maternity wedding dress! But also consider that the cup size can already be significantly larger and choose a suitable cutout.

Wedding dresses for pregnant women are sometimes available in the bridal shop, but of course there is a larger selection online. Maybe you order some nice maternity wedding dresses and then do a fashion show at home with mom and maid of honor.

You can read more about the topic of “maternity bridal wear” in our detailed article “Wedding dresses for pregnant women – tips for choosing” .

11. Plus size wedding dresses

Plus size bridal fashion is absolutely versatile. The cuts are refined to hide problem areas and work out advantages. The demand is high, so there are now a few bridal shops for Curvy Brides .

If you like a certain cut, you can also have the dream bride dress in XL made by the tailor. Before doing so, think about how the wedding dress should look exactly.

A wedding dress with an A-line fits almost every figure and even a flowing empire dress can look very nice in large sizes. Wide straps or neckholder ensure the best hold and form a beautiful cleavage.

You can read more on the subject of “wedding dresses for large sizes” in our blog.

12. Wedding dress for the registry office

Those who prefer it simple and wear a white wedding dress for church wedding often choose a colored civil registry office dress with a simple cut.
However, should you only marry in a civil registry office and not also in a church, the wedding dress in the registry office may also be a little more pompous – after all, many brides do not want to do without the “dream in white”. That does not have to be, because in the registry office it can be a white wedding dress.Wedding dresses for the registry office or the civil wedding cannot be generalized – everything is possible.

You can find wedding dresses for the registry office depending on the choice of dress in the bridal shop or in the shop / department for party wear. It is also worth browsing the Internet. cheap formal dresses online

You can find more information about this in our detailed article on the subject of “registry office dresses – so you can find the right one” .