Your wedding music will be unforgettable!

Music accompanies your wedding from the beginning to the end: it creates atmosphere and lets emotions sparkle, it brings mood and good mood – that’s why you should choose your wedding music carefully and carefully.

In this article you will find music that should not be missing on the wedding day and everything you need to know about the wedding DJ, the wedding band and the wedding singer.

We also have some tips if you want to get your wedding and party going with self-organized music.

1. Wedding music to eat

Tailor your music at the wedding to the respective situation and consider what you would like to hear. Here are our tips on which music genres can be played for champagne receptions, wedding dinners and to set the mood for the subsequent party.

Which pieces of music you play for the wedding of course depends very much on the style of the wedding party. For example, you can put on gentle piano music for a chic wedding dinner in a dignified atmosphere.

This is less suitable for a relaxed wedding – here you can choose, for example, swing like from Michael Bublé, Roger Cicero, Frank Sinatra or swing albums from Robbie Williams.

A relaxed summer wedding, on the other hand, is best advised with songs á la Café del Mar. Blues and jazz are well received in an upscale bar atmosphere. You can’t go wrong with lounge music either.

It is important that the wedding music for dinner is played calmly, discreetly and at a moderate volume. In short: easy listening.

 For example, there are CDs on the topic of “Easy Listening” or specifically on “Dinner Music” for an atmospheric background music – there you will surely find the right thing.

Special case wedding cake: Of course, very special music should be played to present and cut the wedding cake so that this highlight of the evening really comes into its own. Here you will find the “Top 10 songs to cut the wedding cake” .

2. Dance music for the wedding – When the party begins …

After the meal, the mood should slowly come up and be danced at some point

It is best for the newlyweds to get started: with the wedding dance. It is not only a highlight of the evening and a very emotional moment for you – after all, it is the first dance as a couple.

The opening dance also brings mood to the wedding party, so choose a great song for it. Tips and samples of the most popular songs for the wedding dance can be found in our article “The 20 most beautiful songs for the wedding dance” .

Tip: Ask some of your friends to go directly onto the dance floor and swing your leg after the wedding dance. This quickly creates a good (dance) mood and the party can begin! Even the DJ or presenter can get the wedding and party going with a few words and the right music and call for dancing.

Your taste is required for the dance music afterwards, although the wedding music should not be too one-sided.

A good mix of charts, German classics and party music from the 70s to 90s is well received by all guests. Keep in mind that a party where only Schlager or only HipHop is played is not equally suitable for young and old. Of course, your favorite songs should be played, but also consider the musical taste of the guests.

Music request cards

Our tip: In order to create a mood and the party lasts, you can involve your guests in wishes for dance music. Distributes or displays music cards. Possibly. you can also send them with the invitation so that the DJ has some lead time or you can look at it yourself.

Such practical cards, which should be used for the right dance music for the wedding, are available in our card shop .

3. Who makes music for the wedding?

Depending on your budget, there are different options for where the music comes from at your wedding. This is mainly a question of the budget.

In any case, you should take enough time to plan the songs and music styles for your wedding party.

Make wedding music yourself


If the room is equipped with a good system, you can also organize the wedding music with a laptop and your own playlists. This takes a lot of time and effort (which you should definitely invest!), But your taste in wedding music is well covered.

In addition, ask friends about their favorite party hits and create their own playlist for every situation: Eating, getting in the mood, dancing, pure party or similar. Also hires a helper who keeps an eye on the music and switches between the playlists.

If the party in the evening is very important to you, we recommend a professional band or a professional DJ. This is the only way to ensure that all wedding guests really get their money’s worth and that the mood is right for several hours.

Wedding music from the wedding band

Live music is of course the highlight of the wedding. A wedding band quickly creates a mood and can adapt flexibly to the wedding party and the current mood and preferences of the guests when it comes to wedding music.

If necessary, the band can also organize the moderation of the celebration. And: a wedding band has charm!

Music for wedding & party by the wedding singer

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A wedding singer is more suitable as a time-limited program item for your wedding.

For the wedding ceremony, for the champagne reception, for cutting the cake or for your wedding dance, a singer can be hired for the wedding and conjure up a wonderful atmosphere.

An instrumental act is also a great highlight at the wedding.

You like listening to pieces of music on the piano, from the violin or the saxophone – this will also delight your wedding guests. Maybe “your song” can even be played.

For the other music for wedding and party you need a band, DJ or playlist.

Whether singer, band or DJ – you will find the right service providers in your area in our business directory.

Wedding music from the wedding DJ

A DJ takes up less money and space at the wedding.

The wedding DJ can also adapt the songs to the mood and respond more easily to music requests. Ideally, he has all styles in the repertoire and can play indefinitely.

Some DJs have their own lighting system with disco ball, colorful headlights, black light, fog machine and Co. – this can of course be a great advantage for your party mood.

In any case, speak in detail about the musical genres that you would like for the wedding music. Writes down titles that shouldn’t be missing and instructs the DJ to fulfill as much as possible any music request your guests may have – a wedding DJ should always be able to put his own taste in music back. This is sometimes difficult, especially for amateur DJs.

So that your wedding DJ gets a better insight into your musical taste, also make a list of music styles or songs that you definitely do not want to hear at your wedding. In our guide we have more information and  10 questions and answers about choosing the perfect wedding DJ .

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4. What you should discuss / consider for the wedding music

It is best to watch the wedding band, the wedding DJ and also the wedding singer or wedding musician live early enough. This is the only way to recognize whether you are on the same wavelength and are getting in the mood.

Important questions:

  • Who cares about the technology for wedding music? Are there any replacement devices if something breaks?
  • When is construction and dismantling carried out?
  • What about breaks? Even then, music should always come off the line!
  • Is it just making music or fueling up?
  • What happens in the event of illness?

Since the mood of your wedding depends on the music, you shouldn’t make excessive savings here. Even with the do-it-yourself variant, it is worth investing in songs so that the party classics are not missing. cheap formal dresses australia

5. Music suggestions: The right songs for wedding, party and Co.